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First off, you must know how much of a paranoid person i am. I’m a teenage girl who was quiet, got scared easily and never felt safe when i’m alone. I’m especially a small girl so i look weak and vulnerable… A perfect target at times. This was exactly the case.

My friend and i, let’s call her Maddie, was over at my house one day for a sleepover. I always preferred my friends coming in the morning then sleeping over then leave in the late morning, it was just more fun that way and you could do a lot of things during he day to get yourself drained for the night. Anyways, it got to the point that Maddie and i had nothing else to do and were just browsing through our phones. Maddie got whiny saying she wanted to move around and that she was going crazy just sitting in one spot for a long period of time, so i suggested we went for a walk. I lived on the way up a mountain so we had trees and bushes around us, not really a forest but i guess you could say a really dry baby forest.

She got all excited since she knew how nice it felt up here in summer evenings when the sun starts to go down and the air starts to get cool. We put our shoes on, told my mum we were going for a walk and that we’d be back soon then headed out the door. My house sat on a dead end and our neighbor hood was quiet so we were walking to the other dead end down the road. It’s hard to explain the route, just think of you facing a T road and my house is down on the left side while we’re walking towards the right side, except the right road was way longer and it would take us about half an hour to get to the dead end.

We started walking… And walking until i realized we were finally nearing to that dead end. Walking towards the dead end, most of the houses close the road would be on your left while only about 1 or 2 houses would sit far from the road on the right. Maddie and i reach the dead end and start to turn around and begin walking back but… Once we had turned around we completely stopped in our track, staring at a… Man standing only about 15 meters away from us, smiling such a creepy smile. He had ratty dirty blonde hair that was about shoulder lengths and had crooked front teeth but his eyes… They were so blue they looked like they belonged to a husky or something. They were just so unnaturally white it creeped me to the point where my skin crawled with goosebumps.

“Hello…” His voice sounded so deep and raspy like he’s been smoking his whole life. I watched as his mouth slowly moved and it didn’t look right. Maddie and i look at each other then back at the man. Now, Maddie is much taller than me but she also didn’t look very strong but she did look like she’d put up quite a fight.

“Hi… Um, may we help you?” I asked him nervously. Straight away i was scared, no, terrified. I wasn’t curious as to what he wanted from us, i was just scared of what he’ll do if we didn’t give it to him.

“Yes… You can… You need to follow me now” I watched his mouth as he spoke again. It still did not look natural, he was exaggerating while he moved his mouth to speak. Maddie and i quickly glance at each other surprised and scared from what he had just said.

“E-excuse me sir but we can’t do that” Maddie told him with such a shaky voice. I’ve never ever heard her this scared before and her voice was deep, deeper than it usually was when she talked to strangers, adults or the teachers.  The mans creepy ass smile dropped in a millisecond into a frown. His bushy eyebrows furrowed as hes started to take over exaggerated steps towards us while his smile started to very slowly grow back on his face. After he had just taken 3 over exaggerated steps i was startled by Maddies loud screaming. I was so started i looked towards her with wide eyes but to see she didn’t look like she was screaming out of fear but was screaming to get attention. The man stopped walking towards us and immediately glared at Maddie. She continued to scream until a man and his two sons came running out of their house on our right. The father screamed at the man asking him what the hell he was doing but he just ran into the bushes and past the trees on our left. The father and one of his sons ran after the man while the other son stayed with us and made sure we were okay. They never ended up catching that man, they said that he had just disappeared. They contacted the police and were informed about the man in the forest. The father walked us back to our house and told my mum what had happened. She. Went. Crazy. The police patrolled the area for the rest of the evening and searched in the morning but still couldn’t find him.

But to think, a paranoid girl like me, who looks behind her every 1 second while walking down her hall way in her own home, couldn’t even hear the man following us from behind. What would have happened if he had just picked up his pace a few minutes before Maddie and i reached the dead end… And to imagine… That my little brother, the age of 11, walks to school every morning, passing that forest in the process.

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