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I left Lajuntia Colorado on JUNE 9TH, heading to Missouri. I went down Hwy 94 until I got to Hwy 287. I made a left onto 287, and went to Wray, Colorado. I turned on Hwy 4 and 34 and went East, until I came to a town called Araphoe, Nebraska.

There were no body behind me and no one in front of me. I started to descend down a hill, at the bottom of the hill about 3 miles across until I started ascending up the hill.

Before I got to the hill, I looked to my left, and I thought I saw a bear. So I pulled over on the right hand side of the road. As I stopped and rolled down my drivers side window a creature stood up, it stood about 7 ½ to 8 foot tall, and it knew I was there, as it turned and looked at me.

It weighed about 450 lb. It had long fingers with claws on it. It has pointed ears with a german Sheppard face. It had 4 canine teeth, and slobbers coming out of its mouth. It started running towards me.

I was so petrified, that I couldn’t even move the car. You know how when you go to put your car into gear and it grinds. I grabbed the steering wheel and thought to myself, you’ve got to go before he kills you. So I pushed on the clutch, and hit the gas and took off. As I got about half a block away from him I looked out my rearview mirror, it was standing in the middle of the road, he was growling at me with his hands. I was running about 55mph then.

As I got to the top of the hill. I seen a sign, for Beatrice, Nebraska.

It said 165 miles away. And then all I can remember is just being so scared. This was about 6:30pm. So I called Nebraska state highway patrol and they said it tried to kill a little baby at a school in Araphoe. The officer that I talked to said that he tried to shoot it and missed it because it was too fast.

Theres things out there in the woods and we don’t know whats out there and its scary.

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