wolf man

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i was one day sleeping and i heard noises out side i look next to my on my table that i have next to my bed and i read the time but my vison was kinda blury cause I woke up and i read the time and it said 3:21 am and i look and then i heard it again the noise from out side my parents were not there they were on a vacation in new york.

Me and my family live in orlando and my back yard connects with the woods i thought it was a wolf or some animal u look out my window i saw life a type of wold thing it was tall tho it smelled like it was rotting and I tried scaring it off I said ‘Get out’ it looked up at my window its eyes were yellow bright yellow sorry i did not say this but im 16 at the time and my big sister was baby siting me for the week. Ok and they the wolf creature ran back into the woods and it stair me into my eyes I was scared i got goosebumps and then 1-3 minutes pass by I hear a loud howl i could not sleep that night.

2 weeks later my parents were already in the town i forgot about that night and then later that day I went to sleep i heard the same noise form last week i got scared i got up this time and i told my dad about it he got his shotgun and his gloke 16 he said stay in the house i was worried he later went out the house and i did not hear nothing from him for the past 4 minutes then i heard it ‘Boof’ i jumped he screamed my sister got up she left her room my mom to and we go out side to see what happend i saw him running he said go in the house now he was bleeding from his arm he had a big scratch on his arm we called the cops that night they talked to my dad by him self i only heard ‘i was tall it looked like a wolf and then it got angry and attacked me’ but we moved from there that same week thanks god we left that house now im calm down ok that was my story or the wolf man or the wear wolf

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