Willistead Manor Haunting

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I’d like to start this off by saying, I am a very loyal subscriber to Darkness Prevails and love the cryptic tales that are frequently posted. The paranormal intrigues me greatly, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience one of these terrifying encounters. Call me crazy, but I sometimes even wish something frightening or paranormal would happen to me, just so I could feel the rush and mysteriousness that comes along with it. It’s just something I crave. However after what happened last night, yes, last night (May 5th, 2018), I’m not sure I ever want to step foot outside of the house again past midnight. Here is my experience.

It was almost midnight, and my friends and I were heading to Tim Horton’s after watching Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare. We’re all seventeen, and for my friends’ safety/privacy, let’s just call them: Nate, Danny, and Mike. Now, I won’t spoil anything, but it wasn’t exactly the greatest horror movie we’ve ever seen. In fact, the ending was so pathetic that we were laughing about it during the entire car ride to Tim’s.

After getting some food, hanging out and then dropping off Nate at his house, it was about 1:00 AM. Myself, Danny, and Mike were allowed out as long as we wanted because our parents were sleeping and I had my sister’s car. For the first hour or so, we drove around town stopping by a few of the elementary schools that we knew of in the area and climbed them. Yes, I know that’s considered trespassing and it’s kind of illegal, but it’s just a hobby that we picked up recently and we mean no harm at all. It’s just something that gives a rush of adrenaline, which I enjoy as I mentioned earlier.

After an hour or so of climbing and basically just goofing around, we were kind of at a standstill as of what to do. That’s when I remembered a story about this place called “Willistead Manor”. Willistead Manor is an extremely old mansion which used to be the home of the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin. The home has four floors (including the basement) and over thirty rooms inside. However, the huge mansion is now vacant and sits in the middle of a park, sort of as a historical landmark. Many people nowadays have weddings there, as the park and elaborate structure make for a beautiful scene for such occasions. The story I read online said that the catering company who caters for weddings at this park has access to the inside of this manor in order to store the food etc. Allegedly, on two separate occasions a manager has wondered down into the basement of the old manor, and came back up so terrified that they quit on the spot; not saying what happened down there or what they saw.

Being interested in the paranormal, I explained the story to Danny and Mike and suggested that we go check this place out. After all, we didn’t have much else to do at that point. Danny, like me, instantly wanted to go there, but Mike was the complete opposite. That was expected though, he was always the nervous/afraid one in our friend group. Heck, I was surprised he even went to see the movie with us. Nevertheless, I was the one driving so I technically had the only say, and I made the decision to go there. Throughout the entire car ride, Mike was paranoid as hell and kept telling us how this wasn’t a good idea, while Danny and I were on the edge of our seats. As we drove down the secluded side-streets in almost complete darkness, with the only light being the dim moonlight shining down upon us, we only got more excited, while Mike got even more scared. The creepy atmosphere was just adding to the occasion and being so interested in the horror genre and paranormal, it was all I could’ve asked for. Little did we know, however, we probably should’ve listened to Mike in the first place.

Upon our arrival, we parked on the side of the road and walked through the eerie gated entrance of the park. To give you some insight, park is about 3 acres with a dimly lit path circling the perimeter. The Manor is located in the dead center, with tons of trees scattered around the grassy area. The entire park rectangular shaped and is surrounded by a steel, pointy, seven-foot fence, with only four exit points on each side. As we made our way into the park, we instantly wandered off the path and across the grass, headed straight towards the manor. We weren’t planning on trying to get inside, seeing as it was probably locked anyway, but we just wanted to check it out and maybe look inside a few windows. Once we got within maybe fifteen feet of the building, we realized there was a fence around the entire mansion, similar to the one surrounding the park. That completely eliminated our chances of getting a closer look. Out of desperation, we decided to circle the entire manor to see if there was anyway to get up close to the building. As we walked along one side of the building, we were able to see the second floor windows quite clearly. Each one was completely dark, besides one. This one room had this weird, dim, whitish-blue glow inside of it, almost as if someone had left a T.V. on and it was slightly lighting up the room. I don’t really know how else to explain it, it was just so odd. We all noticed it right away and sort of looked at each other, wondering what it was. Mike began getting even more paranoid over it, so Danny and I just tried to just brush it off.

“It’s probably just some light they always keep on to scare off teenagers like us.” I told him.

After all, the building was vacant, it couldn’t have been a T.V. However, we weren’t too sold on the fact it was a light either; something just felt super odd about it. That didn’t stop of from continuing on, that is, until Mike stopped us both only five seconds later.

“Guys wait! I think I saw something move up there.” Mike exclaimed in a whisper.

Danny and I stopped and turned to see Mike standing a few yards behind us, still looking up at the window. We, too, looked back up there but didn’t see anything. Out of what I think was probably pure fear and denial, Mike began doubting if he actually did see anything move in the first place.

“I mean, I think I saw something. Maybe it was nothing…”

We ended up just shrugging it off and continuing our journey around the building. This is when things turned sour. After having our first little scare, something just didn’t feel right. It was kind of like someone was watching us, but it just felt so sinister or evil; that’s really the only way I can describe it. None of us knew how to explain it, but we all felt it. Once we turned around another corner of the building, I happened to look up at one of the second story windows on this side of the building. I stopped dead in my tracks as my eyes were glued to the window. I felt my heart sink as I stared at what looked to be a white humanoid figure in the window… with NO face. I can tell you right now, that I have never experienced true terror ever before in my life until this moment. Seeing that thing which looked so inhuman and not knowing what was it was or what is was doing was just horrifying. All that came out of my mouth was,


Immediately, Danny, who was walking right next to me, looked up and saw it too. However, he didn’t bother waiting to see what was gonna happen. After merely glancing at it, he also let out a curse before booking it in the other direction. Mike, who was walking a little bit behind us didn’t even bother looking up at what it was. After already being extremely paranoid in the first place, my and Danny’s reactions were enough for him to follow Danny in a mad sprint towards my car. I, on the other hand, was frozen in fear. It felt as if this evil presence was just preying upon my as I stood there, watching. I wanted to run so badly, but I was so petrified, I literally could not move. I just stared at it for maybe a good fifteen seconds with my eyes widened and jaw dropped. I got such a good look at it, that the image is burned into my mind. But the worst part hadn’t even arrived. Still staring at it, I watched as it vigorously turned its faceless head in MY direction. That is one moment I will never forget as long as I lived. Whatever if was, it KNEW I was there, whether it had a face or not. Luckily though, it seemed to snap me out of that trance. I turned around and gunned it towards the exit where I parked my car. I saw Mike and Danny in the distance, still running. Once they saw me heading towards them, they ran faster, knowing something was horribly wrong. When we reached the car, I scrambled to get the keys and unlock it as we piled inside and took a second to calm down. We wanted to get out of there right away, but I felt so dizzy and terrified, I had to take a moment to regulate my breathing. I almost had an anxiety attack. However, as soon as I was able to control myself, we got the hell out of there; not looking back one second of the way.

From there, I began to go drop them off. We were all so scared, we didn’t want to stay out any longer. Once I got home, it was impossible for me to sleep; I was a nervous wreck. I even began to wonder if what we saw earlier that night was the same thing those managers saw in the basement. Because if it was, I don’t blame them one bit for not wanting to ever return there as long as they live.

It’s now the next day, and we’ve all been texting in a group chat, wondering what we could have possibly seen that night. Nate, who we dropped off before going to the manor wasn’t believing a word we said, but we knew what we saw. At the same time however, none of us were willing to take him there to prove it.

I would be lying if I said part of me kinda wants to go back during the day, just to try and get some closure on what we saw. But I don’t know if I’d be able to handle something like that happening to me again.

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