Why I’ll never touch a ouija board again…

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For a little backstory I have only used a oujia board twice in my life. The first time being an absolute fluke and making me a non believer , but the second time being the reason for this story and making me a believer. So a group of friends and I decided to bust out the oujia board again for shits and giggles. There’s four of us sitting around in the basement, mind you this isn’t a creepy basement. It is a finished basement with out any windows, so it was extremely dark. However the creepy part of the basement was where the laundry room was. Thankfully there was a door to separate the two spaces so obviously we had the door shut. After shutting the lights off and placing the board in the middle of the room we began our session. At first nothing happen, we sat in silence staring at the board waiting in anticipation. Finally the planchet started to move. At first all I can think about is who’s doing this because it certainly isn’t me. I took my hands off and looked at my friends calling someone on their bull shit. My three friends looked at me in absolute shock questioning me, the group and themselves of what was going on. We placed our hands back on the planchet and ask one of the most basic questions “If someone is here right now do something”. We countinued to wait while the board spat gibberish back at us. Realizing it later on it was probably a forgein language being spoken at the time. But, after sitting for about 20 minutes and growing more anxious and nervous something finally happens. I mentioned earlier the door to the creepy dungeon/laundry room was completely shut and no way it could open on its own. Well you guessed it the door flew open smashing against the wall. All four of us jumped and bolted to the stairs tripping over each other to get to the top. Leaving the board open to whatever we had summoned. Now all outside feeling somewhat safe that we are out of the house we decided to leave the house immediately. We did not want to go back in that house for awhile. Fast forward a few hours later after we are all calmed down a bit, laughing and rationing away the situation. All of us walk into the basement to find the laundry room door still wide open and something much worse. The entire room had been destroyed. The tv was pushed down onto the floor, the computer screen had a huge crack in the middle, the mattress was across the room and upside down, I’m sure you get the picture. The four of us stood even more shocked and horrified than before. Again we ran tripping and fighting each other to get the hell out of that house. I went home that night terrified to even close my eyes in fear of what we had unleashed into our lives. You might think someone had come into the house, but there’s no way that could have happen. We had locked the door before leaving and my friends parents hadn’t come home yet. The only room that was destroyed was the basement. Which you would think if the house was broken into the entire house would have been destroyed. But, no it was just the room where we made the bad decision of opening the oujia board.

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Ah yes, the board game from hell o_O