Why I will never dog sit ever again

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This story is told at the point of view of a woman I used to dog sit for the people that bought our old house it was a one story small 1100 sq ft house and they had two pit bulls and two tabby cats one posin dart frog and tropical fish and seahorses (one of them is an vet) so I was taking care the animals most of the time I slept on the couch because I didn’t want to mess up their beds.

I was laying on the couch on my phone late at night and one of the pit bulls started to bark they had to sleep in the living room so they didn’t mess up anything then the other one started barking I yelled at them to shut up then I just didn’t care anymore and I slept in the geast room they kept barking so I let them in my room (with no windows) it was more of an extra room than a geast room and then I heard a smash sound I imitatly locked my room door then the pit bulls when wild i let them out in hopes that they would get whoever was in here I heard a deep loud screaming coming from the kitchen I finally called the cops they arrived in about five minutes but it felt so long when they came they arrested a old homeless man he looked like he was taking a lot of drugs and he kept staring at me one of the cops said he’ll stay with me as they search the property they came out with three more guys if it wasn’t fit the dogs I would of been dead I still have a few questions did they know I was there? What would they do to me if they got the chance?

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