Why I quit my webcam show

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My name is Kyle, I do cam shows online, well I did. It was maybe a month ago, normally when I do a show it’s long and drawn out but tonight was different, tonight my parents were coming over to my boyfriends house. When I was finishing up one night a new guy got on. Most of the attendants were always there while some would stay before leaving but this guy was new (after he left I checked his account and saw how new it was). The guy paid for a private show but instead of me stripping and pleasuring myself he started to type. “So Kyle how old are you?” I’m I recently turned nineteen and was uncomfortable to tell him that I was 18, people have told me that I have the body of a 16 year old, the man started to type again “You look young are you an adult?” I turned off my cam for a second, I’m not gonna talk I thought to myself, the man typed again, “if your young, then I’m all for it, I won’t tell.” Instead of saying 18 I typed out “16”. The man replied with a smile emoji. The next 10 minutes were normal, I turned on my webcam, I walked in and stripped and then pleasured myself with “toys”. Before I got off the man asked me “What’s your number?” I was suspicious but gave it to him anyways.
When my family came by I was dressed nice and proper, dress shirt with dress pants and black gym shoes. My boyfriend gave a tour of the house to my mom while I talked to my brother and father about football and other things. Eventually my mother went to my recording room. “What’s this?” She asked, she asked that for every room that didn’t have a clear purpose. “It’s my office.” I said, I should have said it’s Adams office because I don’t work. “Why do you need an office?” My mother chuckled, “that’s technically the computer room since I have my stuff there.” My mother nodded, she was obviously unamused.
During dinner I kept getting texts, it was that man from earlier. “Whose that?” My mom asked, “it’s a friend.” The man typed weird things,
Man: so your 16?
Me: yeah, please don’t tell!
Man: I won’t! I don’t wanna get in trouble
Me: good!
Man: Nudes?
Me: no
The man stopped responding, “So Kyle What do you do in your spare time?” My father asked. The question I didn’t want to answer, “I uhhh, I look for work and sleep.” My father shook his head “no what hobbies” I dropped my fork on accident, “I uhhh well I” “you don’t have to answer.”
My brother put his fork down, “Kyle I need some fresh air, wanna join?” I nodded, he left his seat while dropping his fork. We made our way to the porch. Outside we took a seat and made small talk until he said “I know about your show.”
“How do you know?” He looked me in the eyes “because I’m gay.” I was shocked, “you always came home with girls though!” “After you came out mom and dad would ask me so I got girlfriends.” My brother looked down at the yard, “if you weren’t my brother, well things would be different.” I looked at his face but instead of a face it was static, not a static expression, his face looked like tv when you lose signal. He looked up at me, “something wrong?” He said, his face change partially, half was normal but the rest was static. I walked back into the house leaving him Inside. I got a text, then another, and then two more. Each text started with random symbols and letters followed by a small message. They were each from the man from earlier, in my phone I have him marked as WCM. I went into the bathroom, I felt like puking.
My phones ringtone went off, WCM was trying to FaceTime me, “Shit, why now?” I said, I answered trying to get in front of something blank. Instead of a face I saw static, the static continued before the call dropped. I stepped out of the bathroom, “Kyle are you ok?” My brother asked, I’m too disgusted to talk to him, “I’m going to sleep” I said, “but we just got here!” My mother said, “I’m just feeling a little nauseous.” I went upstairs, my phone still getting texts. I opened my door only to find something on my bed, my boyfriends laptop laid open on the bed, I went to close it when I heard muffled screams, muffled screams coming from the computer. I looked at the screen, it was dim so I pushed the brightness key. The screen had a spreadsheet titled “New buyer” Names I didn’t recognize but then came the worst part. Kyle, James, Adam, John and Mary. My families name was on there, Adam couldn’t have made this because his name was on it. I moved the window only to see it.
My brothers face in the window, it was moving. I heard footsteps approach my room, in the doorway stood my brother, but his face was all static again. Heard a loud noise coming from the computer. Without any notice the computer exploded, the blast was large, large enough that it threw me on my feet. The blast knocked me out, I was out for about 20 minutes, when I regained consciousness I saw the computer, the screen was fine, the computer was fine and working. I looked at the window only to see static were the window with my brothers face was.
After my parents left, I deleted my web show. I told my boyfriend to get rid of his laptop, when he asked why I told him everything. He suggested that I get a new number. It’s been a month and like I said I’m 19 now. I’m lucky that I went to bed that night, who knows what my brother would have done to my family.

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