Why I moved from Louisiana

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Where I am from, some people take this seriously, I didn’t until I was 14, that was 4 years ago.

I lived in Louisiana at the time. My dad owned a car shop. I use to hang around at the shop, talk to some people who come to get there car worked on or the people who where working on the cars. I always hear people talking about something whether its what they hear or what they see. I thought since i was a kid it they thought it would be something good story to pass down I guess. I actually got annoyed about how much these people thought this thing was real. It was a slow day that day, everyone was just sitting around joking with each other.

Finally someone pulled up in an old ford. A man climbed out the truck. he walked over to my dad and said, “It’s not running right.” My dad gave an un-easy chuckle and said,”Well we will try to fix her up, take a sit.” My dad pointed to the chair next to me. When the man sat down he looked over to me, I tried to ignore him looking at me. When he spoke I got startled, he said,”Do you know about the Rougarou?”

I sighed and said,”Not much, do you?” He chuckled,”It’s best you don’t know about it, and it’s best you don’t go looking for it, or it doesn’t look for you.” Was this guy actually serious, does he actually think it is real. I gave him a chuckle,”Do you actually think that thing is real?” He look at me with a wide eyed expression and said furiously but in a low voice,”You better hope it don’t find you boy.” I started to get scared as my dad walked over and said,”It was just the spark plugs, I went ahead and changed them.

No charge” The mans expression changed and said,”Thank you.”

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