Why I don’t work at sports arenas

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I’m a 19 year old man trying to become a hockey player. Well I was trying to, after an injury, my doctor said I shouldn’t play anymore. Now I ref youth games. It doesn’t pay much but I live with my partner. My partner James also works at the sports complex but cleans, his boss is a kind old man who is up for volunteers. After a heated youth game, I went up to the boss (John) and asked if I could volunteer tonight. Like always he said yes, like I said this 60-ish year old man loved volunteers, not because he didn’t have to pay but because as he says, “you get a new view on life”. After awhile, James came in for work. We got to work like usual, we cleaned up the stands, the parents with their kids always left things behind, sometime they were hats or clothing, but most of the times it was food or alcohol. James and I finished the first rink, the complex had three rinks in it, the first two were public but the last was a private one for guests holding parties. James and I made our way into the second rink, it was much cleaner but still had some garbage. We started to clean, James would accident hit the glass and cause the whole thing to shutter and make loud noises. James did this three times, I jumped out of fear each time. “How about we switch places!” I told James, James and I chuckled before moving.
A bad smell started to emit from a vent, “Do you smell that?” James asked, “Yeah” I said, the smell was almost one of meat, meat and sweat. James moved over to a large vent behind the stands, “need a light?” I asked handing him my phone.” He grabbed my phone, the light covered the black void behind the vent. What is that?” James said, “what is it, let me see.” I pushed past James towards the vent, in the very back was something, that something was almost light blue, “What the hell?” James said, the darkness mixed with the blue caused me to not make out any details. “I’ll have John call a technician.” James said, I could tell he was scared, he told me that he doesn’t get scared much but when he does it’s in serious conditions. James and I left, we decided that we’ll do a quick clean of the private rink and then tell John.
The weird thing is that the private rink has no way to see inside. The other rinks have windows to see inside, this one though had a board with times and names of people who had reserved the rink. James went to open the door, he struggled with it, “it shouldn’t be locked!” James was getting frustrated. Eventually I moved him to the side and grabbed the door handle. The door swung open, the air was heavy, I felt a pressure on my chest, this normally happened when I knew something bad. In front of us was another wall, the wall had pictures of kids in hockey gear, they smiled and crowded around a trophy. “I remember this” I said, James chuckled to himself, “I thought you were crazy when we got together.” James never understood sports, when he met me, he said he liked how kind I was. After looking at all the photos, I went to the door. I grabbed the handle but jumped away. “What the hell?!” I said, the handle was freezing, I looked down at my hand, a blue line covered the middle of my hand. “How the hell?” James said, James went to open the door too but met the same result of a cold handle and a blue hand.
I moved into the lobby, I walked behind the main desk into the backroom. In the backroom was a large box, it was filled to the top with hockey gear. I dug around box until I found a Glove big enough. I walked back to James, he was sitting with his phone to his ear, “Come on!” James looked up at me. “I can’t reach John or the technician.” I went to open the door, this time the cold didn’t affect me, I could still feel it. The inside was dark, the lights were off. The room was colder than the others. James searched the wall for a light before hitting it. The light blinded me, I don’t know why, I was just out in the lobby. After my eyes adjusted I saw the horror that laid in front of me. This might sound weird but the ice was covered in clothes and gear, hockey helmets and jackets was spread out on the ice. In the stands, phones, hats and other things were strewn about. The weird thing was that they were in perfect order, first shoes, then pants and shirts and sometimes hats. I noticed right away that there was another large vent, but this one was open halfway. James made some weird noises before exiting the rink. I was alone in the quiet rink filled with clothes. I grabbed my phone and switched on the light. This vent connected to the other vent, but the other room was far, it was big, I reached into the vent to see what the blue thing I saw earlier was. After getting on all fours and making my way into the vent, I found what I was looking for. The blue “Thing” was a person, a teen holding onto a phone. The phone went on, a text flashed onto the screen.
The text on the phone read “From Mom” and was followed by “Jake where are you? Please come home.” I heard the door open, “Hurry up, I don’t wanna be here anymore.” James was obviously frightened by what we saw. I started to exit the vent but stopped because of a noise I heard, a noise that almost sounded like claws, I shined my flashlight,
In front of me was something I can’t explain. In front of were eyes but not two eyes, loads of eyes were in front of me. I was too scared and backed up faster. When I got out James was waiting for me, “What’s In there?” I didn’t answer, I went straight for the door, I’m not taking chances. James and I eventually got outside, “What happened Patrick, What?!” James was worried about me. “In there was a thing, that thing had dozens and dozens of eyes.” James face went from normal to disgusted. I called the cops and then John, James paced back and forth in the parking lot.
Three cop cars pulled up while being followed by an ambulance and a blacked out car. Four officers stepped out and went towards the entrance. Two people in suits walked towards James and I, “good afternoon gentlemen.” The person who talked to us was young, maybe in his late 20s he looks like he’s never seen sunlight before. The other man asked James to follow him to their car, I overheard the man tell James “we have your employer John in the car.” The man talking to me brought me over behind the rink. “I’m agent Mzanek with the FBI, What exactly happened in there.” I looked at him, he was serious, his blue eyes dug into my soul. “James and I were cleaning a-and we saw tones of clothes left all over the place, the weird thing is the clothes were pants and shirts and weird things that shouldn’t be off.” The agent got a serious look, “so you called because people left clothes?” I shook my head I was getting ready to tell him about it “well in the vent I found a body, a kids body.” I was ready to puke, the agent still had a serious look. “In the vent was also a thing a thing with dozens of eyes.” The agent patted my shoulder, “go home sir, your obviously seeing things.
James and I drove home in silence, normally we would listen to the radio but we were to disgruntled.
This all happened about a week ago, two more sets of agents came to my house and asked me about what I saw in the vents. As I type this outside of my window is a black van, every once in awhile In the middle of the night, the van will move followed by a knocking on my window. James and I have make sure to answer the door. One day we know that what we saw will come back and get us.

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