Who was it?(we all know)

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This dream/story is a substitute for

another dream I’ve had in the past that

I was going to tell but it was too long.

This dream/story I am going to tell is

average but eerie. The dream started off

with me on a beach, sitting down, and

running my fingers through the sand. I

wanted to draw my name but

something told me don’t, so I didn’t.

Looking off into the ocean I heard a

voice come from my left side. The voice

didn’t give me any feelings like the

dream I had before that I had some to

do with kind of stuff. Anyway, Me and

this voice talked awhile before it took

form. In some ways it kind of felt like I

was being forced to keep my head

straight but at some point I was able to

look freely around instead of up,

straight, and down. I turned my head to

look to the left and nothing again but I

could still here the voice. Being curious

I asked who are you? Only to get “You

know who I am” in return. I said I don’t

and he said “but you do” then he started

to ask me about my music that I made

at that time in my life. That’s when I

asked again “who are you” but this time

I was ignored and the voice kept talking

to me about music. I stopped and

thought about it and I kept talking

about my music. The convo stopped for

a bit then I heard wings being flapped

and that’s when I looked to the left to

see a pair of giant wings beside and at

the bottom I could see feet. I was in awe

but something didn’t feel right. So I

asked again “Who are you” then I was

offered a deal promising all the generic

things you see entertainers with which I

said no to and it’s like I was thrown out

of my own dream, how I woke up so

fast. I told my mom who’s a preacher

and she rubbed “blessed” oil on my

head in the form of a cross. So yea that’s

my dream/story

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