White werwolf

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It was nearly summer, late may of 2018 when a good friend of mine and his girlfriend decided to come for a weekend visit, we all decided it would be fun to spend the weekend at my moms property.

My mom lives in a small area in northern Alberta, Darwell to be precise. It consists of a restraunt/bar, school, General store/gas station a library and community hall. Not many people have heard of the place as its a bit remote, lots of farms in the area.

It was saturday night, around mid night when me and my friend Matt managed to sneak outside after hours of trying to get his crazy girlfriend to go to bed so we can catch up on whats been happening the past few months.

It was a full moon out and rather chilly so we had decided to sit in my sisters jeep as it was the only vehicle unlocked and matt forgot his keys inside.he took the drivers seat and i took the passenger side. Matt and i were having so much fun joking around and playing catch up that we didnt realise it was nearly 2 am until a sound got us distracted.

A very loud crunching sound came from behind the jeep, it almost sounded like a large animal chewing a bone like a chip. Startled i asked matt to look in the side mirror on the door to see if perhaps it was a bear or a cougar as there had recently been a sighting of one in the area.

After a moment of silence matt shook his head and said he couldnt see anything. I made a joke that it was probably the boogyman or a teenager who was drunk as it was common for them to tresspass because my moms property seemed to be a great party spot.

Matt shrugged and glanced down at his phone. ” yikes! 1:50 am, we should wait a moment for it to leave and then head inside” he suggested. I agreed, we sat quietly hoping that if it were an animal it would leave right away.

Ill admit i felt a bit akward sitting in silence but it was better than risking my life walking back to the house if it were a bear or cougar.
What felt like a few more minutes of silence passed when the automatic porch light turned on catching our attention, I asked matt “do you see anything?”

Matt laughed and replied “yeah! Your moms cat!”. I sighed in relief and told him its safe to head inside but as soon as i said that we heard a large animal walking across the gravel drive way towards the vehicle.

Matt! What is that thing!?” i asked hoping that he could get a better view by now. Matt how ever did not respond, instead he took off his sweater and told me to hide underneath it, his voice shaking slightly. I did as he told me to and from underneath his sweater i heard the animal or thing walk along myside of the jeep and stop some where at the front of the vehicle.

” Matt!! What in the world is it!?” i asked now feeling rather spooked. It took a moment for matt to respond, “i..ill give you a hint “he said, his voice laced with fear. I could tell by the sound of his voice it was something scary. Matt is hard to scare so what ever this thing is has to be frightening!

“Its about 8 ft tall on hind legs, white fur, bright yellow eyes and looks like a wolf!” Matt whispered. I chuckled, ” your messing with me!” i replied. I didnt belive in werewolves or much other than spirits and demons. ” im not joking!” he replied sounding even more scared. There was more silence between us as i was unsure what to say. After what felt like a good hour i heard a low growl that made my blood cold.

I began to shake as i continued to hide under the sweater. A million thoughts ran through my mind like ” what if that thing decides to rip the door off and eat me”. I was so preoccupied by my imagination running wild with thoughts of what comes next that i didnt hear my friend tell me i can remove the sweater until he ripped it out of my hands.

I glared at him and reached for it back but he grabbed both my wrists anf told to look out the windshield.

Not questioning him i slowly turned my head towards the windshield and there, along the tree line about 50-80 ft away from us was a massive white animal, with bright yellow eyes and the face of a wolf. The porch light was still on and it just barely managed to reach the bush line.

I froze, the thing was looking directly at us, watching us.. I was nearly in disbelief.. The large wolf was so masculine it looked as if it was on steroids or hit the gym every day… Its muscles were huge! I could make out some human features such as its chest and paws look more like hands.

I was now terrified… The wolf began to pace back and forth along the tree line keeping an eye on the vehicle… Mostly the drivers side where my friend was.

“What should we do!?” i asked.
Matt kept his eye on the wolf like creature, not saying a word. “MATT!” i nearly shouted feeling a bit irritated. I glanced down at my phone. It was 2:58 am and i was cold, tired and really needed to use the washroom. “Matt come on! We need to get inside! What should we do!?” i asked while waving my hand infront of his face. Matt jumped slightly and said “huh oh um… Ill open the door and disract it while you run inside!” he suggested while placing a hand on the drivers side door.

“Are you crazy!? ” i shouted. “Thats a suicidal idea!” i shouted, i shifted in mt seat to get comfortable. ” well do you have a better idea!?” he asked.

I looked at him and shook my head no. “Thats what i thought” matt replied. Now i dont know if we have bad luck or if it was good luck that at that moment his crazy girlfriend slammed open the front door of the house and started screaming at us.

Either way she managed to scare off the wolf allowing us to quickly get inside. Ever since that night i didnt go out after dark alone when visiting my mom and if i did it was only if i needed to and i made sure i had some sort of weapon.

I didnt see it again but a few months later in july while out on the back deck late at night on another full moon having a smoke i heard a blood curdling howl that made my blood run cold. It came from the trees across the feild and now i wont ever go into those trees even on a sunny day!

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