Where’s My Money?

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My boyfriend at the time and I had just moved into our first apartment together. We were both 18 and it was nothing fancy and the neighborhood wasn’t great. We were on the 2nd floor and our windows in the living room/kitchen area faced north and south. and it was a straight shot in between. There was only one road bordering the complex which ran East to West.

We heard a lot of banging and thudding. Our floors would randomly shake at times. We usually just attributed it to inconsiderate neighbors. Sometimes things would go missing and reappear somewhere random. One night a giant flame shot up from our stove burner even though everything with off. We tried to grow some veggies out on the little balcony but they died no matter what we did. The place overall had a very negative, depressing energy to it.

A few months passed and nothing really major had happened. We were both sleeping one night. I awoke to him leering over me with his eyes open as wide as they could possibly go. He put his hand over my throat. I pushed him away and started flipping out on him. He just let out a growl , then sort of flopped back onto the bed. I went into the living room and stayed on the couch for awhile. When he woke up he had no memory of anything like that happening the night before. He had never been violent before, so I believed him.

A couple weeks later, he was sleeping and I was in the living room watching tv. I saw a ball of light float from the living room to the kitchen. It was not the type of light that would have come from car headlights or a flashlight. It was almost as though someone was running across the room with a candle, although the light was much larger in size.

Suddenly, my boyfriend came charging into the room, eyes widened like they had been a couple weeks before.

“Where is the paper?” He shouted

“What paper are you talking about?” I was confused.

“My dad gave me papers worth millions of dollars. Where are they?”

He continued screaming and ranting about the mysterious papers. His dad had never given him any papers, not to mention his family was extremely poor and struggled to make ends meet. I kept assuring him I had no idea what he was talking about.

Then that same flash of light traveled across the room again. His eyes returned to normal and he asked how he got there. I was more annoyed now and told him what just happened.

That was the last incident like that that happened in that place. We moved out a few months later and ended up breaking up. I tried researching the apartment but we never figured out what happened.

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