Whats happens in cemetery stays in the cemetery

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So the following story actually happened, and it happened in a small rural church in the Low Country of South Carolina. It was one of my first paranormal experiences and I have not been back since, and this happened 4 years ago.

My friends and I were at a family friend’s farm, it was me, P, A, and my sister T. We were driven their by P’s mom, and to help out the friend we agreed to all go to the church she helped run so P’s mom and her could help set up for the church the next day.

Now, if you’ve never been in old churches, sometimes they’re in the middle of a cemetery, and this cemetery had stones from the civil war era, and some even older so it was a very big and creepy area.

None of us were afraid of being their, we were all in middle school at the time and in the height of our weird phases so playing in a cemetery was every emo kids dream.

A cliche as it sounded, we downloaded an app on the phone to communicate with the spirits, which we did as a joke and it only added to the creepy factor of what actually happened. We were at the church, going from the old plots of civil war era and moving around to the newer plots.

My sister T and I had no problems walking on the graves and looking at the stones but the creepiest was one of the old stones was broken in half and then smashed on the ground. Just as we found it and was trying to figure out how the pieces when, the app on P’s phone sounded, it spoke out the word “stop” and we all freeze.

Weird, but okay, we left the stone alone and then moved to the newer plots, which had very large statues in the plots and areas, the most noticeable was a weeping angel.Just as we were looking it, all the lights went out.

And when I say all the lights, I mean ALL the lights.

The street lights when out, and the church’s lights when out, which is weird because there was no loud band of a power outage of blown power boxes, it was also 10 pm at night with no wind, clear sky, but now pitch black.

From the church you could here the family friend cursing about the power, and almost ironically it flickered a few times before coming back on, with no explanation.

My friend A joked a little about the ghost being mad because we were being disrespectful which only made us uneasy. At the time I was very quiet about the most unnerving fact of the situation was it was now DEAD quiet, no bugs chirping, crickets, nothing which is very odd in the middle of nowhere South Carolina. We started going back inside to the church when me and P glanced across the road, across the cemetery, and noticed something moving under the brush, making the bushes rustle and we hauled ass into the church, A and T following into the old church.

Once we stepped foot into the church, the lights went off again, and P’s phone rang out “Cry” and she quickly turned it off and put on a light, going deeper into the church to find her mom and family friend.

We found the friend first she was clearly a little worried, which didn’t help because she grew up on a farm and in the out woods, and it takes a lot to shake them up, I’ve seen her grab a gun when a strange truck turned onto her private road, no her husband so she has nerves of steel.

Which of course worried us because we were defenseless against everything.

Just as we made our way back out we found P’s mom, when the lights flickered on and she took this opportunity to go to leave. So within a few minutes we were aall outside and getting in the car, the church had the lights off on purpose this time and just as we were pulling out I saw the light flicker on in a small window on the second story.

To this day I refuse to go back because even though not much happened it was the creepiest experience me and my friend’s had happen and none of us have spoken since.

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