whats behind the door ?

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My girlfriend and I were going through rough times we were living in a camper outside of my grandmas house in town. It was small for me, her our Pitbull Mya and cat Ziggy but we always made it work. We always knew that where we lived wasn’t the best because of what we have had happened before we always knew there was something that not a lot of people knew about something evil.
One night we were about to go to sleep but I just had a bad feeling so i didn’t go to sleep and neither did my girlfriend. Mya was protective only when she needed to be. She stayed sitting up watching the door which isn’t normal she always fell asleep when we did.
We started to hear knocks all around our camper and on the wooden fence next to us.
Foot steps on the gravel were all around us and just a intense feeling of fear struck me, my girlfriend and even the dog as she shivered and didn’t even bark but just sit there quiet waiting for something to come in . The cat was no where in sight.
I heard something slowly walk up to the door i walked next to it with a machete and mya next to me. Right then i wished there was not just chains just a normal lock on the door.
I yelled to whatever it was that I had a machete and a big pitbull. It stopped and I could hear it breathing through the crack in the broken door. As I’m standing there the door rips open but the chains catch it and I pull the door closed. My girlfriend asks if that was me opening the door I looked at her in fear and said a shaken no. Mya was ready to attack and so was I even though I was scared shitless. I would have done anything to save my little family.
After that something strange happened. Behind my camper was my grandfathers shop he had passed away and it was locked up. We were hearing moaning come out of it. Like if someone were having sex but i had a feeling whatever it was wanted to manipulate me in to going in there because that was my grandpas shop and something like that would upset a person.
After two hours of a very shitty scary night i ended up calling the police because we couldn’t handle it anymore. We found somewhere else to live after that.

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