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I have lived in San Diego California my whole life and I love to go over to my friend’s houses because it gets annoying staying with my family all the time. I had just gotten out of school and was walking with my friend to his house for a sleepover. We messed around as teenagers do. We eventually got to his house and it was around eight PM. We thought it would be fun to walk around the neighborhood in the dark. It was fine at first we were just talking about school and sharing scary stories when I suddenly got a feeling of dread. It was like my mind was saying I shouldn’t be there. Everything then got quiet. No crickets chirping or lizards moving in the bushes. Then this sound broke the silence. I don’t know how to explain it. It was a demented screech. It sounded like Satan himself. Then we bolted. I don’t think I have ever run that fast in my life. We then ran all the way home still hearing the screeching. We flew in the door and locked it. The next morning we went to the place we heard that noise and saw torn up bushes and long claw marks on the sidewalk. We try to find that thing every time we meet up now but we have no luck. I just hope I never have to see that thing when I’m alone.

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