What was in that room?

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My story starts with me and my family visiting my aunt’s cousin. It was a beautiful morning and I was in a good mood. My mom told we were visiting some relatives and when I asked who it was she told me it was my aunt’s cousin.

I wasn’t really excited since I didn’t really think there was gonna be much to the visit besides I had a terrible feeling about it , it was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on I didn’t put much thought either so I just agreed. My aunt’s cousin was married and had a daughter. They lived very far from where we live, we live in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia and they lived in Oromia it was also in Ethiopia but it was very far.

Anyway, we left our house early and got a cab. It was a very frustrating trip.We were all tired especially me as I don’t do too well in long drives. When we finally got there we had to search for the house and that just added to my frustration. We finally found it and went in. Her cousin lets just call him Leo. Leo welcomed us and invited us into the living room. As you can imagine we all rushed to sit down.

After we rested for a while Leo’s wife lets call her Joy told us to wash our hands so we could eat some food. The bathroom was inside their bedroom and it couldn’t handle more then a single person in it. The bedroom on the other hand was quite large so it would take some time to get from where the bathroom door is to where bedroom door is, this is an important detail.

So, my mom went first ,my aunt was second and all the others washed and I was the last one to go into the bathroom. I washed my hands and came out .We ate and had a great time. I forgot about that bad feeling I had earlier but what I didn’t know was that it would soon return. Then came the time to go back to that bathroom to wash our hands again after we had eaten. The earlier pattern was again repeated and I was once again the last one to go in.

As I went in that feeling returned and I froze for a second. I snapped out of it and kept going. I reached the door of the bedroom fully expecting to see something as I opened it, to my surprise there was nothing or so I thought. I went into the bedroom and opened the door to the bathroom.I went in and started to wash my hands. As I told you earlier the bathroom is very tiny and you must shut the door to do anything in there even to just do your makeup in the mirror. It is an uncomfortable bathroom.

I finished washing my hands and decided to stay another minute or so to adjust my hair in the mirror . As I was doing so the door suddenly flew open almost throwing me to the ground, I managed to keep my balance and not fall. I was in shock there was no one in the room with me and there were no kids in the house cause if there were I’d say they were probably playing games.In fear I opened the bathroom door expecting someone standing there. But there was no one or at least no one I could see and even if it was a person who pushed the door without knowing I was inside, they couldn’t get out of the room by the second I opened that door and I would’ve clearly heard footsteps as they left the room. I quickly left the room and headed to the living room. I sat down and tried to rap my head around what just happened. We soon left and went back home.

This shook me up a bit but it was a minor incident and I could’ve totally forgot about the whole thing if not for what followed. A few months or maybe weeks passed and my aunt got terrible news that Joy was said to be possessed. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing it sent chills down my spine the second I her it. My mind quickly went to that encounter I had. “Was this really happening?” I thought to myself . My mom saw the terror on my face and asked if I was alright , I couldn’t give her an answer . I did not sleep that night I kept thinking about what would’ve happened if I hadn’t stayed that extra minute in that bathroom.

A few months passed and I almost forgot about it and then I felt it again that feeling of terror came back. I was 13 when this happened and had to go to school that day now I’m writing this a year later and I’m 14 now. Anyway the entire day at school the same feeling kept coming back. And when I got home I got the answer to why that feeling came back now of all times . Joy had died. I guess the demon or evil spirit what ever it was killed her. My heart sank when I heard this ,I couldn’t understand why or how this happened. They took her to churches, baptized her she was getting better I just didn’t get it.

Questions arise in my head to this day If that thing in that room was really what killed her then why her and not me? what would’ve happened if I had leaved the bathroom a minute earlier? what compelled me to stay there? I have no answer. I just hope I never have to feel that terrible feeling ever again.

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