What was in that House?

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This happened at the start of January of 2018, when I was in 6th grade and 11 years old. I was a pretty average kid, I got A’s and B’s, and I had a few friends, one of which was my best friend, we’ll call him Collin. Collin lived about half an hour away from me, so I didn’t go to his house that often. When I did go to his house, we would always play in his woods. He had a good 3 acres of just forest and trees and creeks. There was also a good sized pond that we would go fishing in during the summer months. However, there was an abandoned house by the end of the property. It was a normal house, two floors. It had been abandoned in the 1960s, according to Collin. Since the 1970s teenagers had been partying in it and had trashed it. Collin’s eldest sister, Anna, who was 26 at the time of writing, used to party in it as well, but she stopped sometime before Collin was born for reasons she would not say. The one time we told her we were going, she FREAKED OUT. She told us that we should stay away from that place at all costs and NEVER go inside, especially not in the basement. We just thought she was talking about drugs or alcohol, but we were wrong. So wrong.

I had taken the bus over to Collin’s house on Friday, and I stayed the night, with plans to explore the abandoned house the next morning. When we woke up, we put our orange vests and paintball masks on, so that we would be easy to find. We took a Gator (that kind of pickup truck ATV you see at farms) to the end of the trail, that I noticed eventually began to get paved.

“Hey, Collin?” I asked


“Did you ever pave this trail?”

“Nah man.”


“STOP THE GATOR!” I yelled. Collin slammed on the brakes and asked what the hell was wrong. I was staring off into one part of the snow covered forest. I saw a set of STAIRS. Like stairs from your house. Just taken from a random house and then dropped in the woods. I thought they were really cool, but Collin made it very clear that we should just keep going. He might have just been tired, but I think that there’s another reason. I’ve researched the stairs, and some things have come up, but if you know anything, please let me know.

We kept going, and I started to notice how the further we went on this trail, the more dead the trees were. Even though it was Winter and snowing out, the trees were visibly dead. I pointed this out to Collin, but he again just shrugged it off. We got to the house, and you can see the view from the Gator in the photo below. The trees cleared to the small yard. We got off the Gator and Collin grabbed his rifle from the bed of the Gator. We went to the door, and Collin shot off the knob.

“Ladies first, ha, ha, ha.” He said. It was nice of him to try to lighten the mood, but I was starting to regret coming here. We heard a loud crash in the basement. Both of us literally started pissing ourselves.

“What the hell was that?” I said. I felt like I was going to throw up. We went inside, Collin aimed his gun around. We went up stairs first. We didn’t find much, as everything was trashed from the parties that used to go on here. Some thing I forgot to mention was that the parties suddenly stopped one night in 2002, for an unknown reason. There were so many mysteries in this house, and I was so glad to finally be here. But I was also trying to figure out what possibly could have made that noise. We finished up stairs, and went to the main floor. Once again we found nothing. But as we made our way to the back door, we found bits of a deer. Like, legs and guts. We found a trail of blood and followed it to the basement door. It led to darkness.

‘Maybe we shouldn’t go down.” I said, but was cut off by Collin with;

“TJ, shut the hell up right now.” Collin’s eyes were wider than I knew possible. I though the skin would tear at his temples. Collin pointed towards the basement, and I saw it; two yellow eyes the size of grapefruits.

“AHH!”I screamed. I mimicked my scream in a distortion that scared the absolute hell out of me. It came closer, and the light of my phone flashlight illuminated its face. IT WAS NOT HUMAN. Its eyes took up most of its face. It smiled this horrible smile, revealing yellow teeth. It slowly cocked its head, to the point where it had passed 180 degrees.

“Collin shoot it.” I said. The thing imitated it once again in that distorted voice.

“Let’s just get out of here.” Collin told me.

We dashed to the door, which was closed and locked. I fiddled with the lock until the creature took what Collin would later call ‘an impossibly long step’ towards us, and it leaned over me, I didn’t notice until I felt a drop of drool drip on my neck. My heart sank. “TJ! MOVE!” Collin blew the lock off with the gun, again. The knob had been put back on. We ran to the Gator, and Collin floored it. We almost crashed when we heard a loud inhuman shriek come from the house. We got back to Collin’s. We called the police, and since I knew they wouldn’t come if we said there was a monster in that house, we said that there was a dangerous person in that house. Collin’s parents were not home, and his siblings were off doing things, so it was just me and him. The cops came after what seemed like hours of looking out the window to see if it was there. We told them that it was in the abandoned house in the basement. After about 45 minutes to an hour, the officers came back, radioing for a coroner, and a forensics unit. The cops asked us a few questions, and them they told us what they found in the basement. The thing had long gone, but they found bones and remains, some human. They found bodies that were later after DNA testing found belonging to missing persons from months, and even YEARS ago. The most sad part was when they told us about the remains of small bones that they thought to be animal bones, but after more DNA testing, were found to be human, and belonging to someone who was less than a year old. The story isn’t over yet.

What made me want to write this story was something that happened to me a few weeks ago. Collin texts me at about 7pm sounding panicked. I ask him what is wrong. He sends me the following (copied and pasted from the actual text):

“Anna told me what happened in that house. In 98 she was at a party at the house and everyone is drunk except for her. A guy gets taken into the basement and he dosnt come out. His parents file a missing persons and no one knows where he is until New Year’s Eve 1999 when Anna arrives at the New Year’s party to find cops examing the body of the guy all bloody and screwed up. Anna stopped going to the parties from then on. She got so mad at me bro.”
This creeped the hell out of me, and I still can’t sleep some nights.

I am now 12 years old at the time of writing, going into seventh grade. I still think about what happened if we went to the basement, what if we would have been one of the bodies in the basement. I hope no one ever has to feel that kind of fear that me and Collin did. I know that it’s still out there. I’m going to a Boy Scout Camp next week and I think this will be a good story to tell at the campfire, but I hope it doesn’t come true at the camp.

Edit:Some people were telling me about skinwalkers of Navajo legend, or Wendigos, but I researched the two, and while I still don’t know what the beast was, I can safely say that the closest one of the two was a Wendigo.

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If this story is true, you should know that when you find random stairs in the middle of the woods, that’s never good. I’m not exactly sure what it means, I just know it’s paranormal. Great story by the way.