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Ok so, last night…I was planning on posting a story of a horrific experience that happened a long time ago that has affected me and my family. But the moment i finished writing it and was about to post it, i started having a really bad feeling that i shouldn’t. So i didnt. I did save the story in a memo on my phone though just in case i do decide to post it later on in the future.

This morning, i woke up at 6am to take my puppy pomeranian out to potty and to use the restroom when I saw there were 3 drops of blood on my bathroom mirror. I wiped it off not thinking much about it, cuz it could have very much been my blood, and went back to bed. Then just earlier, before i woke up, there were some knockings at my bedroom door. It sounded very urgent as if someone needed to come in. I should probably say that i live alone in a one bedroom apartment and don’t have any friends or family living in the city.

My puppy is up and alerted although she isnt making any sound and just watching the door. She had never done that before. Even when neighbors are going up and down the stairs, she has never barked or care so i was a bit spooked when she’s all of a suddenly alerted. I did end up waking up and walk around my apartment but other then me and my puppy, theres no one or thing out of place. Ive been living in my appartment for almost 2 years now and nothing has ever happen before. What do u guys think?

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