What came through the radio

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When I was 25 I dated a first responder for a few months. His department required that he have a radio by his bed in case of late night fires or emergencies. Mostly it was static or a basic call that he was too drunk to respond to anyway.

Now he was the first guy I dated, let alone sleep with. So those nights at his house were mostly sleepless for me as I curled up in his bed. I’d spend hours listening to the static of the radio and him snoring. One night stands out as call came through around 3 am I’ll never forget. In a clear, calm voice the dispatcher called for police and an ambulance. Once both confirmed they were in route the operator said in the same tone.

“Be advised, subject is hearing voices to kill again.”

Really I hope I heard it wrong but, the thought still sends chills down my spine. This poor person, alone with these dark thoughts at 3 in the morning. I hope they got the help they needed and that it wasn’t too late. So to that person, I hope you’re safe.

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