Werewolves outside my house

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This event happened to me seven years ago and this still haunts me to this day. I was 23 years old and me and my girlfriend wanted to find a place to move at.

Me and my girlfriend are nice people me and her did not go to high school or collage because we act like fools and did not pay attention to our work but we did not care but we dropped out and me and her was happy about it because she told me she wanted to move somewhere far away and we did. Me and my girlfriend found a house it was in the country and me and her was happy because we found a nice house but the house was in front of the woods but we did not care. We put some of our stuff inside the house but the thing is we did not have a bed to sleep on so we had to sleep on the floor.

I told my girlfriend do you like it here and she laughed and said yes and me and her started laughing.

The sun started to go down and me and her was about to go asleep until we heard a menacing howl and i never heard a howl like that in my life. My girlfriend said it must be coyotes and i said yeah that might just be that because this house is by the woods so i shook it off and me and my girlfriend went to sleep.

Then all of a sudden me and my girlfriend woke up we heard a loud bang outside of our house and me and her jumped and the loud banging kept going then something broke our Windows then i saw it. It was standing around 8 to 9 feet tall it had pointy ears a big long snout then what popped in my mind was a werewolf.

Then all suddenly two more came from behind the first werewolf then in my head i was thinking me and my girlfriend was gonna die but then we heard gun shots and the werewolves ran off and gave a menacing howl into the woods.

Then there was a guy by our door and said to me and my girlfriend are we okay and we said yes and i told him did you fire of the gun and he said yes. He told us he’s been hunting these werewolves for 12 years so he can kill them and he told me and my girlfriend to move out of this house and we agreed. I thanked the man for shooting that gun and me and my girlfriend went to the car and drove away.

And to this day i keep thinking if that man did not show up me and my girlfriend would have died that night i am just glad me and her moved away because now me and her have a kid and have a better house.

I am just glad we moved because if we did not we would have been dead seven years ago and i will never forget that night.

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