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It was a warm summer evening in mid July. I had just turned sixteen and gotten my  drivers license. We lived in the country and I loved going for drives through the woods. I thought it was relaxing, the silence, the solitude and the country music playing on the radio was all just a perfect way to spend an evening, in my opinion.

It had been a long day and so I decided to go for one of my drives. As I drove down an almost deserted road I noticed a disgusting smell, like wet dog but ten times worse. I figured it was just a dead raccoon on the side of the road or something, so I kept on my way. I came to a point where I decided to turn around and head back home to get some dinner and a cold coke. As I stopped to make a U turn I realized that disgusting smell was much stronger now than it was before and getting even stronger. So I figured I’d just floor it home to get away from the smell. But as I finished my U turn and started back I saw something odd.

A large black, splotch in the middle of the road. But, I just kept driving being the idiot that I am. I got close to the black thing and started to make my way around it. But then it moved. Curious, I stopped to take a closer look. To this day I still regret doing that.

The thing stood up, it was much taller than my truck… a good seven feet at least. Its yellow eyes looking down at me, its teeth glistening in the moonlight. It reached over and put its giant hand on top of my truck digging its claws into the roof. It leaned in and looked in the driver side window those red eyes staring directly into my soul.

Terrified I slammed on the gas pedal, my tires spun and spun. Finally my tires gained traction and I sped off going at least eighty. I looked back and… somehow… THIS THING WAS KEEPING UP WITH ME!! It chased me for a good two miles before diving off the road and disappearing into the woods.

I pulled into my driveway, got out of my truck and ran into the house. My parents asked me what was wrong as I collapsed on the floor gasping for breath. Almost eight years later, I still haven’t told them what happened that night, I haven’t told anyone until now. I just hope I never have to see that thing again.


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