Werewolf Sighting

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Okay, so here is my story. My parents said that I couldn’t say it to anyone, so I want to stay anonymous. I live in the Netherlands, in an outlying area. Only with big landscapes and farms. It was close to midnight and I had to drive home. I was under 18 so I still had my bike.

My parents couldn’t come to pick me up so I wanted to take a short cut through the forest. It was a really creepy path. My mom told me to never go there without my phone because many accidents happened there. So when I was going home I got a creepy vibe. Something wasn’t right and my body wanted to turn around and take the other way. It was a full moon and it was beautiful.

I never believed in werewolves, ghosts or anything like that. Halfway on the road, I saw something in the meadow. I knew and still know the farmer that lives there. I wanted to take a closer look and I did. It was a sheep but completely torn apart.

I thought it was a wild dog or a fox but it was really, really torn apart. I got scared and drove to my home. I told my mom and she said it was a dog, it happened a lot there. The next day I went to the farmer that lived there to tell him about the sheep.

He denied that there was a dead sheep. When we took a closer look, it was gone. He talked really weird about it. I told him about the accidents that happened before. I didn’t think much of it until I heard other strange things about the farmer.

A friend of mine found a leg of a sheep, ripped clean off. We have a lot of sightings here. We think it’s the farmer. When we went to his house for a dinner last time, he had a gun next to his door. He didn’t have any silver stuff in his house. He doesn’t have a dog but he has a cage outside.

We still don’t know what to think of it. This is my story


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