Werewolf is hunting me

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I would like to start this story by saying that I am a 17 year old boy,and I live in the northern part of Greece.I am addicted to listening and watching videos about monsters such as Werewolves,Dogmen,Skinwalkers,Wendigos,Bigfoot etc.Now in Greece there is the legend of the werewolf,and a lot of my towns’ folks believe it,and so do I,after what I have been experiencing for the last 3 weeks.
It all started one Saturday night like any other.I was walking this dirt road that leads to my neighborhood when I suddenly heard a dog-like panting.As a paranoid person,I got spooked and turned around to see what was making the noise,but I saw nothing.I continued walking and after a few seconds I heard footsteps,but not human ones.They sounded like a dog was running towards me,but they also sounded HUGE.Panicked,I used my phones’ flashlight to see what the hell was that,and I froze..
Only a few meters behind me,there was a massive,2,5 meters tall creature which was standing on its hind legs,it was covered in fur from head to toe,had a wolf like head with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and it was very muscular.Its eyes where amber yellow and by the time I turned around to see it,one of its hands was extended towards me.
When I first saw it,I instantly thought of the word “werewolf”.I mean it had all the stereotypical features of a werewolf.As soon as I saw it,it growled at me,showing its teeth ,which oddly enough were very white.I turned in the other direction and ran to my house,and all the while I could hear it behind me.I should mention that my house has a pretty big yard,so I had to cross it in order to reach the door and get in.It is surrounded by a 1.5 meter tall wooden fence,which was no problem for the creature.It jumped over it like it was nothing while still chasing me.
When I got inside the house,I locked the door.My parents weren’t home at the time,as they had gone shopping,so it was me and my younger brother who at the time was sleeping.Not a second after I locked the door,the creature slammed itself on it,waking my brother up.I told him to shut up and head upstairs.He could see the panicked look on my face so he did what I told him with no hesitation.The creature was running around the house while howling,growling and scratching the walls and it looked like it was trying to find a weak spot to burst through.Luckily,it didn’t.
When my parents got home,I told them everything and surprisingly,they seemed to believe me.The creature had left already,or so I thought.When I got into bed the same night,I heard walking outside my window.I knew withought a doubt that it was the creature.I turned towards it,and there it was,with its hand pressed on the window.It looked like it was smiling,and after a long minute of silence it howled and ran off.
Since then,I have seen it 1 more time but something tells me that won’t be the end of it.However this encounter was much shorter but more intense.My cousin was giving me a lift with his motorcycle and we were crossing the same dirt path,when all of a sudden we heard rustling in the bushes ahead of us.As we passed by,I saw a familiar set of eyes and instantly screamed to my cousin to RUN.This time,the werewolf didn’t chase or follow us because it appeared to have been eating on something.
The next day we walked up to the spot where we had seen it and there was a mutilated deer carcass.Lots of paw prints too.
I thought it was over but for the last few days I have been hearing howling at night,and there are paw prints the size of a man’s outside my window.I think that me and this thing have unfinished business,and I don’t know that I am gonna do..

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