Werewolf in the Woods

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Let me start of with the basics.  I’m 13 now, and when this happened I was 10.  My family owns about 200 acres of dense forest.  Every year, we let a boy scout troop do a turkey cook out on our land.  I’m not sure what the troop number is, but anyway.

One day, my dad, brother and I, were preparing for the cook out.  This is the day before it, and its around November.  They were camping, but I wasn’t.  We were bringing supplies up with a 4-wheeler and an old trailer.  The path has many rocks and the trailer doesn’t go very fast on the path.  The path is about a quarter mile and takes about 15 mins to get from start to finish.  We got there at about 3:00 and had a little fun with the scout members, which I’m friends with.

We were there to about 9:00 when we decided that it was time to head back.  It was quite dark except for the full moon slightly lighting up the woods brighter than usual at night.  And for more information, my brother likes to carry around a BB gun, in which he had it this night.  My brother and I were in the trailer and my dad was was driving.  I’m not a big fan of being in the woods at night, but definitely never again after tonight.  We were going about 8 miles and hour, like I said earlier, this trailer can’t drive very fast on this path at all.  After a few minutes of driving, I started to hear soft thuds in the woods.  I started looking around, expecting to see something.  It sounded like it was coming from a large animal, maybe a bear.  The thuds repeated for a few minutes now and no it started to sound like footsteps.  What ever the thuds were, it was getting closer.

Once again, I tried looking for what ever was making theses thuds.  What I saw next, almost gave me a heart attack.  A creature running on 2 legs covered with hair and glowing eyes was running in the woods on the side of the path, and was only about 100 feet way.  I yelled for my dad to hit the gas and drive faster.  My dad asked me whats the matter and I yelled back again to drive faster.  My heart was beating so fast.  I’ve never been so scared in my life.

The creature started to get closer and closer, until I snatched the BB gun from my brother.  It was already pumped and I took a shot at it.  The trailer was so bumpy I missed.  I pumped the BB gun faster than I ever had before.  I tried another shot, but this time I got what ever it was because it just dead stopped in its path.  I turned around again and told my dad to drive faster, and when I looked back, it was standing on two legs and was looking directly at me.  My brother screamed and asked what the heck that this is.  I didn’t reply.  I was so focused on the creature.  It had to be seven feet tall with long arms and pointy ears.  We got home in about 2 mins.  My dad asked what the issue was.

I told him there was something dog like with lots of fur and was about 7 feet tall.  My dad agreed that I saw something, but not that it was 7 feet tall.  My dad called the scout masters cell and told them about the creature my brother and I saw.  They said they’ll keep and eye out for it.  I never slept that night.  The next morning, the scout master came down to our house.  He told us that they heard howls a couple time during the night.  He also said on his way down here, he saw large footprints that looked like wolf prints.  Since there boy scouts, they know there foot prints.  What really put chills up my spine, is that there is no footprint like it.

What the scout master said that day and what I saw, still scares me to this day, and hopefully I will forget about my encounter with a were wolf.  And I’m very sure it was a full moon that night.

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