Werewolf at grandmas

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Eight years ago in mid November Blueberry mountain, Northern Alberta Canada , my

Family and I were camping out at my

Grandmothers Farm on my mother side

Of the family. The place has always

given me the creeps since I was a little

girl. I could deal with spirits and ghosts

but not for what was about to happen.

My grandmother was in her trailer

Watching her movies with her cats, and

My parents holiday trailer was ten feet

Away. My dad was trying to make

Dinner, and had asked me and my

Brother to retrieve something from the

shed by the beaver pond. I thought to

myself “ ya no, not without a

Flashlight”. So I grabbed my sweater

That had a busted zipper and I had put

On my shoes and me and my brother

grabbed a flashlight just incase one

burnt out. So we walked out passed

grandmas house 250 feet to the shed.

Shelby our grandmas dog had seen us at

the shed and walked over cautiously,

almost as if she was scared of

something. We all herd a few snaps and

crackles of tree branches breaking in

the back of the shed, 10 feet away from

the pond. My brother and I couldn’t

find what my dad had asked us for, and

Shelby started to whine and try to

coward behind us. I started to get a very

off feeling and shiver ran rapidly down

my spine as we were locking up the

shed so we could head back to the

trailer. As me and my brother were

walking half way back we both herd

nothing and we stopped to see Shelby

book it to our right towards the other

side of grandmas house we’re the horse

pen is. Then all of a sudden was we are

about to continue to go forward,

something rustles out of the bush line

10 feet on the left side of the holiday

trailer. It was like looking at a dark

shadowy mass, and as me and my

brother Shawn our flashlights at it, the

bright Blue eyes glowed and the dark

black fur raised then went back down.

This had my brother and I thinking “oh

cool a wolf “, but it was not cool, for this

creature started to stand straight up on

its hind legs and it kept looking at us.

Standing almost as tall as my parents

holiday trailer being 9 feet tall on a 30

foot long trailer this was creepy.

I Shawn my light at its hands, yes it had

like human hands, then I Shawn my

light at its face, and it was like a timber

wolf. This for sure had me and my

brother shook up a bit and after 5

minutes of this creature standing

upright we decided to walk calmly the

same route as Shelby, for if we freaked

out and ran it might chase us and we

didn’t want that. We went along the

trailer side and seen the horses were

hiding and so were all the dogs. This

started to make me nervous. Within five

minutes of us reaching the holiday

trailer we herd a weird howl that was

like a wolf but louder and deeper. As my

brother went inside to tell me dad we

couldn’t find anything that he had

asked, I Shawn my light one last time

out toward the road, and by the hay bail

the creature stood tall making its

presence well known to me. I howled

back and I watched as it ears perked up

and then it ran off across the dirt road.

As I went inside my dad called me a

dork for howling, but then after I told

him what happened and he made fun of

me thinking I was lying, but the dog

prints next morning outside my dads

trailer was still there and two inches

away were Shelby’s prints being a little

under half the size for a full grown

husky. I tried to compare it to my foot

being a size 6, and it was half my foot

size. I haven’t seen the beautiful

creature since but I know that the

werewolf is still there roaming around

probably hunting deer but I have herd

from people that come into town that

there was a few sightings of

dismembered deer in the woods. They

say it’s from a massive wolf and I smile

and agree for I have seen this creature

in person.

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