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I was about 14 when I saw it, It was a warm summer day in canada alberta yet dark I was riding my bike and was a little sleepy because of my anit-dippreshion pills. I was with friend that trailed off a while back, it was just me and there was a thick forest on one side and a field on the other.

I was going quite fast and then i herd a strange noise and you could hear the bushes rustle, i looked over to the bushes and then a bone chilling howl.

I will be honest with you I am almost in tears just typing it out and wont sleep tonight. I looked over and then in an instant i hit a pot hole and flipped over the handle bars of my bike scrapping my hands and knees.

then out of fear and then i saw it, It was a big figure with a snout like a timber wolf.

It looked at me and growled my eyes widened with fear, i ran to my bike and got on in a hurry i raced off and looked straight ahead not daring to look back i got to the house and locked the door i was going to be home alone all night. i took my pocket knife out and put it on the table and started playing call of duty ghosts and put a head set on stupidly i had them on full volume.

It was about nine o-clock and was dark I was finally brave like some type of police officer to look out the curtain.

There was 4 long scratch marks across the window, I ran into the bathroom with the knife and dove onto the toilet there was one window and i kept on scanning for the thing.

I ran into my bed-room and dove under the bed and rocked my self back and fourth, i woke up at four in the morning. i looked out my window and there was a batch of fur and then cried my-self asleep


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