Wendigo Invites Himself

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My name is Tricia Wert and I want to tell you my story. English isn’t my mother language so I’m really sorry if you need to rephrase some of my sentences. The story that about to tell you is 100% real. Isn’t a fantasy and I know it would be sound so crazy. It’s my real horror story and it still happening right now.

So, let begin my story this way. I’m a women who lives in Quebec, a french city in Canada. Since I was little my life was full of strange experiences but this kind of things don’t bother me. I live my life like a normal person whatever I can see or heard…Until last month.

At the  last October something strange happen to me. It begin with a nightmare.  The most horrible nightmare ever with a ton of blood all over my room and I heard a Latin chant. Like a prayer. This prayer was chanting over and over again.

Then I woke up in suet and with a lot disgusting by seeing all this blood.

I try to forget the nightmare and do my journey normally. So, the same night I do again a strange dream but this time I was in a train station near my home and wasn’t alone. It had an unknown person with me. I don’t remember all the dream but I know he was a male and I remember his eyes.

Those eyes with a cold silver color.

They seems to glowing like a cat’s eyes.  And the smell… He smell like frankincense with a touch of jasmin. One kind of intoxicating smell. I remember he said something to me with some rage in the eyes but I can’t recall what exactly he told me.

During this conversation, I still heard the same prayer that the night before. It’s like it have a dozen of people hide in the shadow and chant the prayer.

The only word in this prayer I remember clearly is “tenebris” and give me shiver to my spine.Suddenly, someone pass by and see us and the young women warn me to go away right now. I remember vividly the voice of this women. I can heard again his warning while I wrote this line.

Then the stranger  grab her by the shoulders and push her hardly on the track of the train and…well she’s gone, she vanish under the train. I just woke up frozen by fear and with this horrible vision.

I woke up to go to work and suddenly I feel sick.

My stomach hurt like it have lava fire on it and I felt so dizzy. I can’t barely move with this pain. I had no choice to call sick to my work and so…things goes worse.

After feeling sick I return to slept, thinking that would pass and felt better but no…it was worse and painful. In that evening  I stop to eat. I can’t eat anymore. All the food burn inside me causing me a lot of pain.

The burning is so hard that I can’t thinking or move. Also, everything smell bad and taste awful. Obviously,  I’ll go check with a lot of doctors and specialist and they found nothing wrong about me. My body seems fully healthy and functional but I can’t eat anymore without hurting myself.

This week I realize that the only food I can digest his the raw meat or barely cook. It’s make no sense and I know how this revelation sound crazy and disgusting.

Since that week, a month ago, I lose more than 20 pounds and I feel so cold all the time. I’m unable to warm my body. Nothing works. I also feel like I heard everything in the street and I can smell every odors. Everything has a strong smell .

I don’t feel like myself anymore and I didn’t know what it’s happening to me. I can’t work anymore and I try to be low profile. I remark the eyes on me from the people on the street and they seems to see something strange into me. That’s scare me a lot. Well, no doctor can’t found anything wrong physically or psychological and I feel lost and alone.

For those specialists I’m really normal but inside me I know something is wrong, very wrong…

I told you my story with a lowly hope  that some of your followers maybe know who or what invite himself in my house…into me. I listen some of the story on your channel and the wendigo thing seems to be the whom visit me in my dreams. As I write this line, I feel so cold again and the night is coming and with it, the nightmare come back. I’ll see him again tonight in my dream and tomorrow I will feel out of my body again…I don’t know where he drag me but I had no choice to follow him.

I don’t afraid of him anymore. But I also know, that I’m only the shadow of the person I was before and I don’t know how coming back…So the darkness envelops me and I cry tonight for your help.


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