Wendigo In the woods

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This happened when i was 12. I live near the woods in Europe. I have a dog called Alexa.

She may look cute but she is a very protective dog. So one day i was playing with her in the woods. I threw her ball but when she was about to go after it she stopped and started growling at something in a nearby bush.

I was suprised, this had never happened before.

But just as i was about to investigate i heard something calling my name: ”Ali” it said. ”Come here, Ali” it said. As i was about to run out of there with Alexa i saw what was in the bush. A 7 foot tall beast came out, it was basically only skin and bone beacause you could see the bones through the skin but it had the head or the skull of a deer with only black holes for eyes. I booktit out of there.

When i was finally in the house i got the courage to look out of the window. When i did i saw that thing standing at the tree line. I will never go back into those woods again.


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