wendigo in the woodland

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I am a 15 year old guy and this story happened about six or seven months ago. To be honest it’s still kind of hard to talk about. I live in a rural town in Wisconsin. I’ve always been fascinated by monsters and ghosts. So much so I guess you could say I hunt them. I have a couple friends who usually accompany me in looking for the creatures. I guess you could call us a team. there was Alex the “tech guy”, Josh the “tracker”, and me the “team leader”. Note that there isn’t a official leader it just seams like the guys just kind of look to me to know what to do.

Josh told me that he had heard a story from his father about a strange creature in the woods aroud the town. Keep in mind that josh is native american and his father has always tride to instill the culture of his people with little sucsess. Josh was the first to sugguest going to look for this creature. Although his father had completely forayed it. He didn’t care. We ended up going out regardless although without the knowledge of our parents.

It was about 11:30 when I first left to meet up with the guys just outside the woods. Alex brought the flashlights, the radios, (incase we got separated) the cameras and the pellet guns (three specifically). I don’t really know why he always brought them I think they just made him feel safer. Josh brought the first aid kit just incase we got hurt, the rope and the fire crackers as makeshift signal flairs. I brought the knives for cutting through the rather thick underbrush, the water and the breakfast bars (four for each). I’ll skip the looking and false scares because there are allot. About an hour or two latter we found an odd gouge in one of the trees. four scratches strait down the tree. at first I thought it was a bear scratch or something. But I noticed that it seemed to be to thin but I’m not what you might call nature savvy so I just kept it to myself.

We ended up going about as deep into the woods as you can get. There is where we saw something that creeped me out. We found blood… still wet blood. there was so much it looked like a crime scene. Josh thought maybe it was dear blood or something. I didn’t feel like it. it was just too weird. I cant quite describe it I just got a static cessation under my skin and up my spine. Alex just stared at it like he was in a trance or as thought he was watching some great play. Then suddenly we all heard a loud ear rupturing screech mixed with a scream and roar. It sounded nothing less than unnatural. We all came so close to screaming that I think I heard a meap from josh. For some reason I just shut off my flashlight and told the others to do so as well. Then we saw it two glowing lights in the woods. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust but when they did I immediately wished they hadn’t. I saw what looked like a man but incredibly skinny tall like 6-7 feet tall and a elongated snout. I always thought of myself as a very calm and collected person but when I looked at what It was holding in its long pointy fingers I came seconds from screaming. I saw what looked like a human arm. I told my friends to get down slowly. it felt like hours as that thing slowly made it’s way over to and past us. The whole time it was sniffing in the air like it smelled a freshly cooked pizza. Then my heart stopped as it stopped and turned back towards us. it walked right in front of where we were then for some reason everything just stopped. I heard a voice I didn’t recognize a light female voice it told he to stab its heal and run as fast as I could. I don’t know why but I trusted it and then time resumed. I reached into my pocket and slashed it’s Achilles tendon and yelled at the guys to run. I didn’t even grab the knife before we all took off like lighting. From the dark behind us we heard that same scream. We must have covered a hundred yards in ten seconds. We ran and ran and ran some more until we couldn’t anymore. At that point we all collectively realized we were screwed. We heard the crack and smashed of the sticks coming to us so we just hid behind a tree. By the luck of something or other that thing ran right past us. we sat there for easily twenty minutes and then we took off in the general direction we came from. The whole time trying to stay as quiet an yet as fast as we could be. a few minutes latter we came out of the woods and ran to my house. We went up to my room killed the lights locked my windows and sat there trying to figure out what happened and what we just saw. The guys slept over at my house that night. We took turns patrolling the house just incase.

I still have no idea who or what told me to stab it and I don’t think I want to. We have never gone within a three mile radius of those woods after that but sometimes I still get that static feeling under my skin at home and now whenever that happens I always close my window and grab my new and now quite unsettling knife. This still scares me to wright or think about.

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