Wendigo at Auchengillian

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A couple of years ago me and my Scout group went to Auchengillian for three weeks.

Nothing to bad just a simple camp but me and a few others were tasked to venture deep into the woods and set up camp. The first few days where fine but around twelve pm the tent flaps flew open.

There was no wind just a cold breeze which smelled strongly of copper and that is when the forest fell silent.

The next morning we were heading back which would take a few more days but before we left we saw strange footprints and noticed that some of the trees had the bark torn off of them. On our way back we heard my friend’s voice and for the sake of anonymity we will call him Mike.

We heard Mike’s voice a few hundred feet from in the woods calling for help but something was off it was sort of monotone not really right.

Thats when we caught a glimpse of that thing we hightailed out of there and got far enough away we were comfortable. We set up camp and the next morning we made it back to the cabin. We told nobody as they would not believe us.

I am going to Auchengillian again soon with my school and I have warned my classmates but only one believed me.

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Alright Aidan nice post