Weird Stories from Mexico

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My mother is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, and she’s shared some creepy stories told by her older relatives with my older brother and me. I kind of wish the only remotely scary thing she had told us was when someone she knew got chased by a cow. But no. That one was funny.

These stories aren’t that “scary”, but they may prevent some from going to Oaxaca, or even Mexico in general.

One afternoon in the kitchen, either my brother or I had brought up the topic of Skinwalkers and the Wendigo.

My brother told me that a video game he played consisted creatures from the Navajo legends like the ones previously mentioned.

Even though my mom’s family isn’t really of Navajo descent, she did tell us about how her entire family thinks that her cousin Vicky is a Skinwalker that turns into a snake. She said they found shed snake skin in the corner of her room.

However, the shed skin was too big, too long to be any regular snake in the area, and why would such a big snake be left alone to stay in Vicky’s room?

Surely her family would’ve gotten rid of it, right? That peaked my interests, for I had already listened to a bunch of Skinwalker encounter stories on the internet.

Eventually, I asked her again for more stories. Instead of another skinwalker story, she told one that’s a little bit weirder. Mom explained that her uncle was driving home after three days of going out, probably to sell goods at the market, spending the night near his stand. While on the road home, his car had stopped moving, and when he tried to start it up again it would’ve.

He wasn’t out of gas nor was there a real problem, and I know this since the car did eventually start up again soon after, but not before her uncle, through the blackness of the night, saw a lot of people, people that had not been anywhere near there before, had suddenly appeared.

Eventually, my mom’s uncle realized they were spirits crossing over the road. They did not make eye contact with him while crossing in front of his car, and then they just disappeared. Like I mentioned before, the car did start up again, but when he got home he was immediately surrounded by his family, who were frantically asking where he had been.

My uncle, confused, said he was only gone for three days like everyone knew about. Every family member disagreed, saying that he had been gone for three years, certainly not three days.

Of course, my great uncle was shocked, and no one had any explanation for why he doesn’t remember three years of his life.

Mom also told me about a family friend who had found a stray donkey carrying some sort of cart or box filled with gold. He brought it home since he didn’t know whose it was, not that he was greedy or anything, he just wanted to take care of the donkey.

His wife was upset with him, exclaiming that it was the devil’s donkey and the devil’s money.

Sometime later, they heard a knock on their door.

The person they opened up to thanked the man for finding their donkey and offered the money the donkey was carrying to him as a thank you. He and his wife both knew what this meant. The devil will come to your door and offer you his money for you to do his dirty work, stating that if you don’t take the offer you will be poor for the rest of your life. That’s exactly what happened.

The man denied the offer, even after the devil at his door insisted continuously. The couple ended up being poor for the rest of their lives, up until the moment of their deaths.

My mom stated that she heard a story of a man who did take the money, and was summoned to a location she didn’t exactly describe, but had been told that the pets of the devil resided there, but all I remember her mentioning was the snakes, since the man actually managed to free himself by stabbing and killing the snake.

I am not a religious person by any real means, but for some reason, I still do believe that demons and human ghosts/spirits do exist. Whether or not the devil himself is real, or whether or not God is real is still something I’m on the fence about (I’m not trying to force my beliefs on anyone, I am just stating an opinion).

I do think Skinwalkers exist for certain, though. I trust my mother’s family one hundred percent, even if some of their stories do seem a little crazy.

I really hope that none of these entities, especially the devil, if he is real, find me after these stories are posted.


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