Weird encounter

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The first time I saw this thing was a couple of years ago. I was hunting with a friend in North Texas near a small town called Jefferson.

We will call him Jim. We set up in a blind near a clearing and we were there for a few hours. When we finally saw what looked like a massive buck.

We watched it enter the field and I started to take him when a sense of fear came over me. That’s when Jim said what the fuck that’s not a normal buck. I looked over at Jim and asked what do you mean. He told me to look at it closer through my scope. I did and he was right it wasn’t a normal buck.

It had pure white eyes and what looked like decaying skin around it’s knees. We sat there looking at it for at least 10 minutes when we realized that it was completely quiet. We didn’t hear anything besides that thing walking in the field. It wondered off and we just sat there speechless.

That was the calmest encounter with that thing.

The next time I saw it was last year in shepherd Texas a hour out of Houston I was walking through the woods with Jim when we saw it again. This time it saw us and stood up and made this god awful noise that seemed to last for ever except it was only a couple of seconds. After it stopped me and Jim were still covering our ears when the thing started walking twords us.

We turned and ran to the exit of the woods which was half a mile away.

We ran as fast as we could and we could hear that thing behind us the entire time never getting closer and never falling behind. We got back to the road and hopped into Jim’s truck he started it up and we got out of there as quick as we could.

The last time I saw it was a few weeks ago in shepherd Texas again . I was staying the night at my girlfriend’s house and we just got done watching a movie. I went outside to smoke a cigarette before bed. I was half way done with it when I noticed a figure standing at the edge of the woods behind her house. I couldn’t make it out to well so I called my girlfriend to grab a flashlight and her pistol. Just in case it was a person wanting to do us harm. She came out and handed them both to me. I pointed the flashlight in the direction of the figure and my face went pale after I realized what I was looking at. It was the same creature as before but it was a little different. This time it had it’s mouth wide open like it was in awe of something. I aimed the pistol at it and told my girlfriend to head inside but stay by the door with it opened so I can run in if need be. After she went in and was watching me I fired 3 rounds at that damn thing and that’s when I realized I made the biggest mistake of my life.

It screamed that ear piercing screen and charged at me. I ran inside as quick as I could and my girlfriend shut the door behind me and locked it.

The creature slammed into the wall like a sledgehammer slamming into concrete. We could hear that thing breathing heavily and started scratching at the brick on the outside of the house. After a hour the scratching stopped and we sat on the couch with the doors locked and the blinds closed. I could hear it walking back and forth outside the front door for at least 3 hours. By the time it was 1 am the noises stopped and everything was silent. We sat in silence for another hour before we headed to the bedroom shaking like crazy and scared out of our minds. If anyone knows what this thing is and why i keep seeing it please let me know.

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