We escaped

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It was 2 years ago when I was 14 in 8th grade and my best friend Alan decided to invite me to see a new movie with him. We didn’t have any transportation to get to the theater and it was too far away, so we both suggested we get an uber for the first time. When the uber arrived, his car smelled like alcohol and like as if raw meat had been stored in there for days. He was polite, asked how we were doing and gave us that little pep talk to always stay focused in school. But he always had that drunk laugh.

He handed me and Alan a bag of goldfish since he said, “It’s gonna be a long ride.” Alan didn’t want none, so I teased him saying “haha more for me then!” Although I only had one single goldfish cracker and listened to music for the rest of the drive. The uber driver started to drive down a wrong path, while Alan said “hey excuse me, this is the wrong way.” The man looked at him quickly and kept driving, ignoring what he said.

Alan started to become furious and said “look I don’t know how irresponsible you are or how much of a dickhead you seem to be, but take us to the goddamn theater!” The man stepped on his breaks super fast, looked at the both of us and said “you guys aren’t going anywhere.” And he pulled out handkerchiefs and a small pocket knife. I was so scared and didn’t know what to do, I thought I was gonna die and wanted to escape. I screamed “ALAN GO!”

Alan opened up his door and ran out, I followed behind him. But once I made it out the car, I started throwing up and it was so much and covered up the ground a whole lot to the point where it started getting underneath the uber’s wheels. I heard the man’s footsteps come out the car and coming around quickly, I stopped myself from barfing and quickly catched up with Alan. The man eventually caught up with us, and tackled Alan onto the ground, picked him up, and started heading back over to his car.

There was a nearby gas station so I ran in there, halfway out of breathe. I hid behind a chip aisle, and I seen the man walk into the gas station a few seconds later, I wondered what he did with Alan because he wasn’t with him. I eventually ran out the emergency door, called the police and gave them a description of the man. He was arrested and was a suspect in activities like these, he was known for rape and kidnaps and used his job as a uber to lure individuals in.

Alan was found in his trunk with a bloody mouth tied with a handkerchief and a black eye, his arms were also tied too. I was taken to the hospital for uncontrollable vomiting, the goldfish the uber man gave to me had rat poison in it. To this day, I’m very thankful that I was able to leave through out the emergency exit and called 911, god knows what could’ve happened if we stayed in that car.

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