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I’m a young female around the age range of 13-18 and I’m from the U.K, and I go to a scout group in England out groups aren’t as ‘hardcore’ as the Americans, we’re more chilled back. So let’s get to the story. I think it was around October and as you know it get dark really late so we were aloud to play a game called man hunt a ‘grown up’ version of hide and seek as we called it, the leaders vs the kids. After a few minutes of the game occurring I got lost I’m bad with my sense of direction. After a few minutes of wondering around I heard a twig snap behind me I thought it was one of my leaders so I hid behind a bush, lowering my breathing. Then it started to get eerily quiet then a low, deep, distorted voice wispered into my ear “I’ve found you….”

I remember letting out a breathe I didn’t know I was holding in, I knew it wasn’t my leader it was too low it sounded like a raspy males voice. Honestly it feels like the rest of it was just Selected and cut from my memories.

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