Was My brother was posessed?

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When I was nine, I lived in a townhouse in Vancouver called the H.W Flesher co-op. This story took place when my family just moved in.

Being the youngling I was, boredom was the main problem. We haven’t unpacked all of our boxes yet, so all my toys were still packed up..

My older brother wanted to play hide and seek, and being in a new house brought curiosity and mystery. So I immediately agreed.

The house was a 2 story, 3 bedroom house with a big basement which was being renovated. The house didn’t give off a creepy vibe, it seemed relatively modern too..

My brother would always make me seek first. As much as I wanted to complain, I just agreed and went along with it.

I began counting for 45 seconds, hearing him stealth his way up the stairs, I knew exactly where he was going. Smiling I continued counting

“42, 43, 44, 45 ready or not here I come”

As I walked up the stairs, I was in a great mood knowing I’d find him right away. I reached my bedroom, saw a pile of boxes, my bed, and empty room throughout the rest of the room.

Seeking behind the boxes, he wasn’t there, then I check under the bed, he wasn’t there either…

I opened the closet, only a few clothes were hanging, I moved them, and to my surprise; nothing.

As I turned around my face grew pale, I was in so much shock I let out a quiet whimper, unable to scream.

My brother was sitting cross legged on my bed facing me. Smiling.. He looked like a different person. The smile scared the joy out of me… To clarify, I didn’t hear him jump on the bed, I wasn’t turned away for long. I searched the entire room, he was nowhere in sight!!

About a second after seeing him. Without any hesitation, I instantly left the room, and ran down the stairs crying for my mom. I was a wreck. I was extremely scared.

When I reached my mom at the bottom of the stairs, I told her what happened. While speaking, turning my head I saw my brother sitting on the couch, impossible!! I pointed, in tears I yelled

“That’s not possible! I saw you upstairs, I got down here first, you are still upstairs, I’m blocking the last step,, this can’t be happening!”

Crying harder than ever my mom hugged me and told me to calm down.. My brother looked surprised and confused.. he told me he was hiding in the kitchen, he only sat on the couch after hearing me cry..

To this day he insists he never hid upstairs. Either he was possessed or teleported,, I’ve never seen such a creepy smile. I dont share this story very often.. After that day I never played hide and seek again..

Learning about the history of the H.W Flesher co-op, I later learned that a man killed himself and set his house a blaze. I’ve heard several other stories in relation to the man. Maybe he wanders the complex and torments people.. Maybe spirits can take form of loved ones.. who knows..

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