Was it sleep Paralysis or a demon?

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What I am about to tell you happened a few years ago, the summer before my first year of college. I have not stopped thinking about that day and what I experienced. The memory of that day haunts me, and like many scarring and truly terrifying things, I do believe that this memory will haunt me forever. There are times where all the fear and anxiety of what happened to me seems to all come flooding back. I am hoping that by sharing this with all of you it will help me feel more at peace. I have only told my sister and my parents what happened, but I have not told them everything. I feel like it would be a burden to them if they knew everything that happened, so I have kept the worst of what has happened to me a secret. I hope that this does not burden anyone who reads or hears this story.

It was a bright summer morning. I was relaxing in my living room watching T.V. when I nodded off. It was a quick nap, maybe 20 or 30 minutes long. When I woke up my eyes were open, but I could not move. I quickly assumed that I must be experiencing sleep paralysis. I had had it many times before, but this time was different. Usually when I have sleep paralysis, I cannot open my eye or move a muscle. I do feel a pressure over my entire body, but it reminds of a warm hug or blanket. To be honest, I fall back asleep most of the time. Even though this time was different I was not worried. I thought that as long as remained calm and waited it out I would be fine. I was quickly proven that my assumption was completely and 100% incorrect.

Soon a pressure started to build on my chest. It wasn’t bad at first, but soon it got heavier and heavier still it started becoming painful. It was getting hard to take full breaths with what felt like a grown man sitting on my chest. I still told myself to remain calm, but right after telling myself that I was thrown into sheer panic and terror. I felt a pair of big hands grab my neck and they started to squeeze tighter and tighter. At this point I began to panic. I was scared and all I could think of was how I was going to get away. It was at this moment that I realized I was not experiencing sleep paralysis. In my attempts to fight back and get away I start flailing my arms and legs. No matter how hard I fought back or tried to get away, I couldn’t. This thing could touch me and hurt me, but I couldn’t touch it. I tried screaming for help. My mom was only a few rooms away and I knew that if I could get a scream out, even a small one, she would hear and hopefully come help me. Every time I tried to scream the thing attacking me would squeeze harder, cutting the scream off before I could get it out.

I tried everything to try and get away. I tried rolling myself over and off the couch. I tried pulling myself over the side of the couch. I tried everything. The thing attacking me was just too strong. I had never felt so hopeless and weak. Eventually my limbs started to grow heavy and I no longer had the strength or focus to try and fight back. I’m not sure how long I spent fighting this thing, but I do know that for the entirety of it I could not breath. My vision was starting to go, and in that moment, I felt pure terror. We think we know what it is like to feel fear, but we only know cheap imitations of fear until we experience the real thing. I truly thought that I was going to die. I was going to die right there in my living room, in my own home, at the hands of something dark and evil. It was at this time that I turned head and looked at what was attacking me. Up until then I refused to look, I was afraid that whatever I would see would haunt me forever and I was right. I looked into the yellows eyes of what I can only describe was demon. Its skin was pitch black and looked like shiny tar, and it had big sharp, shark like teeth. I could feel the rage, chaos, and intent to do harm coming from it. You always hear stories about people coming face-to-face with evil. Even though I have never been a skeptic there has always been a part of me that doubted the severity of those stories. I don’t doubt anymore. The feeling of encountering something that is purely evil is something that can’t be described. I realized that if I gave in to this thing and accepted the fate it wanted for me, more than just my life was at risk. My very soul and being was at risk.

I did the last thing that I could think of in that moment. I started to pray. I could still move my hands a little, so while I prayed, I traced that sign of the cross on my leg. I repeated The Lord’s Prayer and as many Hail Mary’s as I could over and over again in my head. Soon it just turned into pleas for help. I prayed to God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and to any saint or angel in heaven who could hear me. I was close to passing out. My vision was almost plunged complete darkness and the pain from not being able to breath and the hands around my neck began fade. I felt like I was floating away. I knew that help was going to have to come now or never. I gave myself over to my faith that someone could hear me and that they would help. I didn’t give up, I couldn’t. I didn’t to die and didn’t want to figure out what that demon’s plan was for me.

It seemed like forever, but I know that I probably wasn’t praying for more than a minute when all of the sudden the oppressive feeling of that demon was gone. I shot up and took a deep breath in and looked around. The pillows that had been on the couch where thrown across the floor from my struggle, but everything else seemed normal. The room felt brighter and warmer, and even though I knew that I was now safe I still didn’t want to be in my own home. I have experienced other paranormal activity in my house for years. It was never frightening or super aggressive, so it never really bothered me. This was the first, and so far, last time I was scared out of my own home. I left for a few hours to clear my head and to calm down.

When I got back, I told my sister and my mom what had happened. I only told them that something had attacked me. I didn’t tell them about the fear and terror or the fact that I thought was about to die. I also didn’t tell them that I saw what attacked me. My sister who has also had many paranormal experiences in our house as well believed me but cautioned me that it could have been sleep paralysis. My mother just wrote it off as a really bad nightmare. As I said earlier, I have had sleep paralysis many times before and after this incident; it has never frightening, and I have never hallucinated during it. It is also common for me to have lucid nightmares or dreams. Even though those nightmares feel real, I know that there not and I am typically not scared by them and can easily go back to sleep after one. I know what is real and what isn’t, and what happened to me that day was very, very, real. Those of you reading or listening to this story can decide for yourselves what you think happened to me that day, but I know what I saw and experienced, and I know that I am most likely alive and safe today because I decided to pray when all else seemed lost.

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