Was it a dog-man?

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This happened a year ago on a camping trip with my dad in late July early August.

It was a weekend trip and we were the only ones at the campground, for privacy purposes I will not state the name of the park we were camping at. I will say that it was in the state of Indiana.

Anyway, I woke up with a start one night in my tent. Checking the time on my phone it read 3:30 AM. I was hesitant at first to get out of the tent, but my bladder was screaming which forced me to get out of the tent. The sounds of the forest I would have at any other time found comforting but this time it unnerved me.

About 50 yards away and uphill was a port-o-potty, and since I am a girl, I can’t just pee in the woods. So I grabbed the headlamp which my mom had loaned to me, turned it on and headed to the port-o-potty.

I was talking to myself in an attempt to calm my nerves, mostly I was complaining about my bladder, and how dim the headlamp was. The light was so faint that it only illuminated five feet in front of me. So I ended up relying on the light of the moon to guide me.

I made it to the port-o-potty without incident, relieved my bladder, then headed back to the tent. Once I was half-way there, it struck me. The forest was now silent, eerily silent. My mind began imagining the horrors of what was lurking in those woods, skin-walkers, wendigo’s, bigfoot, who were just waiting for me to get in range so they could snatch me up and eat me.

With the speed of an olympic runner I sprinted the last 20 yards back to camp, the headlamp’s light almost dead. Upon arriving at camp and catching my breath I got the sensation I was being watched.

I turned to face the treeline that bordered the lake and saw a pair of large yellow golden eyes. My tent is very close to this treeline so whatever this thing was it was less than 15 feet away. Frozen in fear I stared back at the eyes, then my head lamp’s light went out. But the eyes of this creature were still glowing.

I am a rational person so I first figured it was a coyote or large stray dog and my head lamps light was just reflecting off of the eyes, giving the illusion that they were glowing. So when my head lamp’s light went out, I expected the eyes to do the same. However, they did not. They were indeed glowing a gold yellow.

Terrified I took a few steps back and lost my balance, falling onto my butt. The eyes got closer, and the moonlight shone on this creature, revealing a silhouette that in no way matched the size of a coyote or dog. It was far larger and appeared to be on it’s hind legs. If I had to guess the creature stood taller than 6 feet and had a hunched over body.

It had the head of a dog, if I had to guess it looked like the head shape of a husky or wolf-dog. Now I know most people when they talk about encountering ‘dog-men’ they mention a strong feeling of malevolence coming from the creature.

I felt the opposite, the eyes of the creature did not seem to hold any sort of malice or intent to harm me. Rather I got the sense it was curious, or at the very least confused. After engaging in a staring contest with this creature which probably lasted a minute, the creature got back to all fours and retreated into the forest, but it made no sound as it did so.

Was it a dog-man? I know it wasn’t a bear, we don’t have grizzly’s in Indiana, and Black Bears aren’t all that common. I’m at a loss as to what this creature was. It left no tracks behind in the muddy banks of the lake.

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