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Before we begin I must inform you that I still don’t know If this actually happened or if I simply had a very vivid nightmare and is probably more sad then it is scary. Nonetheless I must share this story.

When I was 12 years old I met my soulmate and we were together for 4 amazing years, however ended tragically. She had taken her own life for reasons I will not say, But for a time I had blamed myself and attempted to take my own life… I almost succeeded. I had passed out from blood loss and then I woke up on the other side.

When I woke up I was on a bed and in room with metal walls, with a metal door. I could crying and screams outside the room, after a few minutes a man in a grey tattered robe opened the door. “Evening child. How are you feeling?” he asked in a sort of tranquille tone, “f..fine” I replied hesitantly. “Don’t be scared child you cannot be harmed here, at least not by me.” said the man. It took me a minute to gather my words but I managed to ask where I was. “You are in Purgatory.” he said, then proceeded to explained that I was not dead but very close to it. I was a little petrified from this information and the man had to grab my shoulder. His touch felt warm and comforting, I looked at him and asked why I was there. “You have been brought here to see a truth and have second chance. Follow me and learn a truth of this world, but keep a hold of me if you wish not to be harmed the lost souls that live here.” It took me a few minutes to process everything then I nodded and grabbed his shoulder and followed him out of the room.

As we left the room we entered a hallway and the source of the cries had finally became known to me. countless souls crying in pain, their bodies had specific marks and wounds on them. one thing I was able to determine on my own was that how ever they died their souls carried the wounds from what killed them. I felt a surge of sadness and terror from all of it. The man started to explain what the were. “These are the souls of the emotionally wounded, scared souls that were treated horribly in life and sought peace th…” before he could finish I had already realized what they were and said sadly “Suicides!”. The man sighed sadly “yes.” I don’t know what the man is but it seemed the only emotion he knew was sorrow. From what he told me anyone who commits suicide because they are hurting and are generally good people go there. As we continued through the man told me that my neighbor saw me take my own life, and saved me, I think it was in a attempt to assure me that it was all real.

eventually we walked passed a soul that had drowned. his body was pale, bloated and dripping wet. He stared at me and reached out his hand while trying to say something, but water just spilled out of his mouth. his action had stardelled me and I moved away letting go of the man. When I did another soul had grabbed my arm and scratched it. the Scratch hurt but it stinged, like when you hold extremely cold snow for a long period of time. the man grabbed me and apologized on their behalf and continued to take me through the hall, until we came to the end.

We came to a Lobby like room waiting there was her… That part of the story is personal and I do not wish to share it in detail, but I will tell you that she told me to live on for her and gave me a reason to keep living. After we were done talking we said are final goodbyes and she left. The man stepped in front of me and said “It’s time for you to return, but before you go I want to ask you for a favor. When you return share what I have shown and told you here, the living must be warned of this place.”. Then the man placed his hand my head and I woke up in the hospital.

When I woke up my family was their and hugged me in relief. I looked at my arm to see if the scratch from the soul was still there, but my arm was bandaged. I asked what had happened to my arm, I know it wasn’t from me. The doctor said there was a huge cut in my arm, but it appeared out of nowhere. Apparently he left the room and when he came back it was there. no one was in the room at the time they even checked the cameras to make sure no one came in. Its been Three years since this happened and I still have the scar.

I share this experience to hopefully give people an idea of what’s beyond this life and maybe prevent someone from going to that place. I still have nightmares of the souls their… please for anyone that reads or hears this story thinking about suicide please heed this warning. It’s not worth it.

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