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My name is “Steven” This is my story: It all started 3 years ago. I was on Miiverse on my Wii U. I was, and still am, a huge fan of Mario Kart 8. One day, I posted something on Miiverse about Mario Kart 8, and someone named MercadeDelight23 commented on my post. He asked “Why do you love that shit game?” I gave my opinion on why I liked it, and he blocked me on Miiverse.

He ended up finding me on YouTube, and on Twitter. He has been stalking me ever since. It all started out with him disliking my videos, and then it got worse. He would comment on my videos with horrendous comments.

Saying I was a faggot, insults to my family, including my mother. Calling me “Pussy Licker” and telling me to “Go fuck my “48 YEAR OLD” Mother.”

He found me on Twitter on and started tweeting insults at me. I then blocked him. I ended up having to make my account private for some time. After awhile, I thought he was gone. I made my Twitter public again. a few days later, I was being stalked again.

Still getting insults on YouTube in the comment section, still getting my videos disliked as well. I then noticed that people said he was still stalking me on Twitter. He would log out of his account (Since he can’t see my tweets because I blocked him) and He has been reading all of my tweets, using them as fuel for the fire.

My name is Ronald. I am a good friend of Steven and I make gaming videos on Youtube. I have been a friend of Steven for a long time, here is what I have seen through my eyes… I have been fully of aware of what Steven has been going through since I have seen him make mention of his stalker on his Twitter and of it taking toll on him mentally a few years ago as he was dealing with his own struggles for his personal life and him having to come home from school and to know the feeling of being stalked over giving an opinion of him liking Mario Kart 8… I felt so sorry for Steven and I tried to support him through it and to hang in there and to pretend he doesn’t exist and that I knew the feeling as I was going through my own personal struggles with my life.

I later on got an Elgato HD Capture Card for Christmas along with a gaming headset at the end of 2015 and I was excited to use it and to finally put up great quality videos on Youtube and for it to help me get somethings off my mind. I started recording Splatoon online matches along with Mario Kart 8 race’s at the beginning of 2016 and I would have some of my friends co-commentate with me along with Steven and everything was going so well until… things changed. One day I got a comment on one of my videos from you guessed it… Mr. creepy himself who wrote “noob” on one of my videos. I just shrugged it off like no big deal and I went on about my business and continued to try and record daily until I eventually got another comment from creepy who wrote “pussy bwoy” on my videos.

Angered by that… I decided to go to his channel and asked him why the fuck he was writing these comments on my videos. My theory was it being because I was friends with Steven and he dislikes people who associate themselves with Steven and I waited for a response from creepy and he wrote me back with three things #1 Do you know what a pedophile is? #2 Don’t be a bitch #3 You commented on my video for what? I just laughed at the second and third reason because the man was shoving up lies and hypocrisy at me. Yes I do feel like using pedophile in my comment to him was a bit much but he stalks a seventeen year old daily and I felt the need to say that to him because it sickens me that people out there do these things for their own pleasure.

So I told him what pedophile meant and also said “Bitch?” says the person who trolls and stalks a seventeen year old on the internet on a daily basis. Then I told him that he wrote “pussy bwoy” on one of my videos and then said I did jack fucking shit to him and that all he does is stalk Steven for no reason and that he is attacking me all because I am friends with Steven and asked again to him “Please tell me why you are hating on me! I am waiting.” He told me simply to fuck off and drop this shit and said that i’m not one these pedophiles that asshat Steven talks about and that he is interested in “women” I just laughed it off and I told him all he had to do was to leave me alone and that I had nothing to do with whatever fucking grudge he has against Steven.

I do wish I went after him more looking back at it because it makes me sick to my stomach knowing people out there do this type of shit on the internet and I just wish he can stop and drop this shit as it’s been going on for two years now according to Steven and he tells me he doesn’t give a fuck about it anymore but I can tell it still bothers him a bit of having to deal with this creep.

Hello, my name is Larry. I am also a friend of Steven. I was just introduced to him in late 2016. I, like him, know how it feels to be cyber bullied and stalked. When I was made aware of what he was going through. Mercade is a different breed. and by that I mean he is a piece of crap.

I tried to help Steven by going to his channel, and defend him. Trying to figure out why he was doing this to Steven. I tried to be a good person and come to the aid and try to calm the situation down, but Mercade wanted nothing to do with that. He started calling me a “25 year old kid/faggot” Also a lot of insults towards my mother, (Which he knows nothing about her.)

After awhile he would just comment and insult me, even when I would just leave him alone. I hope people see this, and see exactly how much of a piece of crap he is. I would just like to spread the awareness of cyber bullying. I hope that people see this and take action to stop not only Mercade, but any cyber bully that you see!

I have been in the shoes before of being stalked and cyber bullied. I want this to be known. If you are anyone you know is being cyber bullied are stalked, please, speak up! I feel like this person may be a schizophrenic sociopath.

Judging by the way he acts, and talks. It’s scary for anyone to have to deal with something like this. Again,if you know anyone that has been affected by a cyberbully or a stalker, PLEASE SPEAK UP!

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