Valentine Vampire

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I love Valentine’s day. It’s probably my second favorite holiday after Halloween. It’s also one of the very last days that something creepy is expected. However, just because you don’t expect something creepy, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. I found that out the hard way.

In 2014, a few of my friends were bummed because they had no one to spend Valentine’s Day with. Being the self-proclaimed “Rudolph Valentino Jr.” meant I was supposed to suggest a place where picking up girls would be easy. I joked that we should go to New Orleans with all the best freaks, which was a God-send in their eyes. 3 hours and 4 insists that I was joking later, we were on the road. Since it was January 12th, we crashed in a hotel in Kansas before continuing our trip. When we got to New Orleans, the last hours of Feb. 13th had arrived, so we decided to go to a bar. This bar was where my encounter began. While we were there, these 3 really pretty goth chicks walked up to us and started flirting. As we talked, I noticed all 3 of them had bright red lips. I also have smelled blood before, so I could tell their breath sounded just like that. I didn’t know that the smell and appearance of them should’ve tipped me off.

The next day, the 3 girls spent the whole day with us and showed us their favorite areas. Like before, I wasn’t tipped off by what they chose, even though they were cemeteries, graveyards, and haunted locations. When we asked what they did for fun, the girl I was with said “You’ll find out.” I thought nothing more of it, but started thinking that this girl wasn’t normal. They invited us home and we obliged. After taking a nap that day, I woke p and rubbed the back of my neck. I felt a tiny hole and checked myself out in the bathroom mirror. I had 2 small pinpricks on the right side of my neck and instantly remembered everything about the chicks. I thought they were pranking us, so I ignored it. My 2 friends also had marks on their necks. One of them suggested that the girls really thought they were vampires. I was thinking the same thing, but didn’t want to alarm them, so I held my peace. During dinner, we drank a really sticky and thick red drink. The girls said it was tomato juice. I tasted it and knew it wasn’t even close to tomato juice. I decided to get some info and asked if they believed in vampires. They told us only in mythical stories. Everyone knew vampires aren’t real. After dinner, my friends pulled me aside and both said in unison “That was blood we drank! Real blood!” I told them they were overreacting, but they were convinced that these chicks were followers of the Vampirism religion. I told them that I didn’t believe that for a second.

The next day when we woke up, we all saw upside down crosses drawn on our foreheads in blood and bloodstains on our necks. We gathered our stuff and hauled ass outside to go to the car. I told them they were right and then remembered hearing about people actually thinking they were vampires, and this was a hallmark case of that. From now on, I’ll stick to less weird places for V-Day trips. Because, after that, I’m sone with Louisiana.

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