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Ok so let me start with this. THAT THING IS NOT LEAVING!

i see them both every single day, they just watch from afar from different sides and beckon me to come to them, now their getting even closer, before they were outside my house. now there at my bedroom door knocking and whispering something i can’t under stand, i don’t really think it’s english but whatever it is it makes me feel tired, so far i have tried sage and different types of ruins but they come to little to no effect anymore, and now i just…

I think i’m starting to change, ive been noticing that if i cut my skin i heal faster then normal, and now i noticed im getting taller and my nails grow to a sharp point, one i never filed my nails, two i just want to kill. i’ll look at a bird and think of any way i can kill it, then i realize im making bird noises and its looking at me.

I feel stronger and i feel something wrap it’s arms around me, im being controlled by a demon and an angel. at least thats how it feels. I think i need some water… i’ll end this post here.

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