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This happened many years ago, but I can still recall every detail vividly. Some back story. I am usually a skeptic when it comes to things like this, preferring scientific logic to explain what goes bump in the night. Sadly even I have no explanation. Anyways, at the time we lived in a 100+ year old farm house. The kind that has a coal chute and stone foundation. We lived in a small lake community in New York, so houses were close together. Sometimes too close.

I always had an uneasy feeling while living in the house. Like even when you were alone, you weren’t really alone. Despite the fact the basement was incredibly creepy…it had three separate rooms that had their own lights that had to be turned on individually…nothing ever happened there. I know, shocker. We’d occasionally see shadows out of the corner of our eyes, drop in temperature, hear random voices..but nothing too freaky.

One night when my kids where little, I went downstairs to get my youngest something to drink. I prepare the bottle and notice it’s unusually cold for summer. Not really giving it any more thought I make my way back to the staircase. As I got to the stair I looked up and immediately froze. It felt like my heart had just stopped and my muscles forget how to work. Standing at the top of the stairs, outside my kids bedroom was a tall, dark figure. When I say tall, I mean it almost touched the ceiling. I could tell it had a wide brim hat on. While it was dark-ish in the hallway/stairs…this thing was a shade of black so deep there was no mistaking it for something else.

It stared at me and I stared right back at it. I’d never felt dread and fear like that before in my life. Then the thought hit me…that thing is standing between me…and my kids. Scared or not I had to get to my kids. Then I realized, feeling stupid. There was a light switch on the wall next to me. I turned the light on, and sure enough, nothing was there. It took a few seconds for me to actually remember how to use my legs. When I did I bolted up the stairs fast as I could. I rushed to check the kids, who were fine…my daughter who’d wanted the bottle fell back to sleep.

I spent the rest of the night awake on the rocker in my kids room. Door closed. Just waiting, wondering if I’d gone completely insane. That was the first and only time I saw the shadow man. Thankfully we moved not too long after that…unrelated reasons. But once at our new place, maybe 2 years later. My son woke up screaming talking about the shadow man.

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