Unrested Soul

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This all started around 2 or 3 years ago if I can remember correctly, my family and I moved to a small neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona, our house was a rented one. Connected with another house, but thankfully divided by a wall, we had at least four dogs during this time before we ended up with seven as we care for dogs a lot than we do ourselves sometimes. Living in this small house of ours that was a two bedroom and one bathroom with a large backyard, we didn’t have much furniture during this time as a few months before we moved, my mom was accused seeing another man as my step dad didn’t wanted to see her nor my sister and I, but they always work things out and I know my own mother would never cheat on my step dad as he is a good man whom I consider as a real father to me as I gotten older.

During the first few months we lived at our house, I was going through a phase were I constantly watched Ghost Adventures and always wear all black, looking back at it, I’m not proud of it, but like I said, it was a phase. Whenever I watched my show, I always got a creepy feeling that someone was watching within the corner of my living room and whenever I look, I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t see anything as my dogs just looked at me as if I was weird.

With a year passing and still living at our house, my mothers birthday had just passed a fee days ago as she was born on March 23, her and my step dad went to an adult art class where they paint and drink, usual stuff adults do. Both painted a cherry blossom tree which I thought were nice as they hang them up around the house, I felt an sense that something bad was going to happened after this night, but I shrugged it off of being the teen I was back then. Sometimes I wished I was wrong… like the very few days and week that passed like a blur, a very blurry horror story to me.

Just a few days after my mother’s birthday, my grandma would stop by and visit from time to time while I was at school and during this time as I came back home, my grandma told me that her and mother both saw an dark, small shadow that was the same height of my cousin who was autistic as it disappeared into the area where the oven was. At first, I didn’t want to believe them, but this wasn’t the very first time I’ve dealt with paranormal before and as the hours passed, my mother decided to do some research as a few nights ago, her and my step dad found a shatter Jesus statue behind the wall of our backyard as they’re walking the dogs and my step dad even manage to saw the man who ruined it as he chased after him, himself.

Doing her research, we discovered that a man upon his late 20s or 30s, was shot and killed behind our backyard about 4 or 5 years ago, I don’t remeber his name was exactly, but you think the people who were renting their home would let us know something like that happened before offering us a deal. Hearing upon the statue, my grandma and I went to it, pick up the broken pieces we found and brought it back home to clean and dry off as I began to put it back together with superglue and some tape. Once done, we return it back to its normal spot, making sure it stayed on place as both my grandma and I pay our respects for the man before leaving and again, few days later, another man broken the statue which made the man who died on that very spot, angry.

His spirit, it was making my mother weird, different, her actions, personality and behavior were different, as both my sister and I were scare out of our minds as she told us she saw the same black shadow once more in the corner of her room along with seeing the shower curtain move on itself with no airdirft as the ventilation system was off during this event. One day, my mother took my sister and I to the San Javier church that was recently vandalized with the “Hail Satan” and “666” on the gravestones of the three fathers that served the church, bringing her this cross that belong to her great grandmother after many years, it looked… odd to me when I first saw it, but I didn’t make it a big deal… till now.

At the church, my mother looked for the father of the church, her eyes bursting into tears which made both my sister and I scared at this point as we began to worry on what was wrong with her. Realizing that the father wasn’t there, we took home a small bottle of holy water with us before leaving the church as my sister drove while our mother lay in the backseat, feeling sick and drain of energy. At this point, my mind was racing as I knew that this spirit was toying with my mother by manipulating itself as a child, but I didn’t know how to help exactly as I wanted to cry when we got home.

With hours passing the same day, the three of us smelt an horrid odor of brunt cigarettes as none of us smoke, making me sick to the stomach, I lay down in the room I shared with my sister and as night time arrived, things gotten even more worse. While I was still laying, now listening to music, my sister came into the room in a horrid motion, tears in her eyes as she held the small bottle of holy water as she begged me to help our mom quickly as I shot up from the bed and ran to living room area. Again, we didn’t have much furniture so I came to see my mother laying on three couch cushions, her lips moving as she was speaking something very inhuman as this shook me to the core. Reaching out to her and calling to her, her eyes opened so quickly that I can’t recall as my heart particularly stopped beating at this moment, her eyes held this very, cold and menacing gaze as it stare into my soul and that damn word she spoke in that very, menacing, cold tone of hers still shakes me to this very day by remembering it.

“What?” She said to me as I realize now that this wasn’t my mother, but the angry, unrested soul as I quickly stagger to my feet, telling my sister to run as we dash through the front door, running for our lives with tears in our eyes as we yell out to our neighbors for help and I swore, as I looked back at my house, I saw the black shadow, still the same height of my cousin while staring at my sister and I as we ran away from our home.

Now, here’s some advice, if you’re looking to buy or rent a home, please, do some deep research upon the area it’s at and ask the landlord for the history before something likes happens to you.

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