Unknown Monster in the Woods

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My name is Jennifer. I am a 24 year old woman from Kentucky. I have had my share of experiences, but this is one of the more terrifying and interesting ones.

When I was about ten years old, my mother began dating a new guy.  This guy lived in a trailer park with many neighbors.  My mom would often take me and my three brothers there to hang out.  We would usually play with the rowdy neighborhood kids.  Not the friendliest bunch, but we had nothing better to do.

Anyways, there was an adorable little miniature poodle that roamed the trailer park and loved to be petted and played with.  His name was Snoopy.  One day, Snoopy went missing. We all searched for hours but could not find him.  We had pretty much given up until someone shouted for everyone to come over.  A man had found something at the foot of a large tree, right in someone’s back yard.  I ran over and when I got there, I looked in disgust at what I had seen.  There on the ground was a small pile of skin and fur that looked exactly like Snoopy’s fur.  The skin was still bloody as was the fur.  My mom quickly hurried us kids away, but not before we all got a good look.  I was sad.  Who or what would do that to an innocent little dog?

Well, a few days later my mother decided to visit some friends. I went with her because I really loved hanging out with their son and daughter and playing Pokemon.  We pulled up to their house and got out of the car. On our way in, a cat approached us wanting to be petted. I petted it for a couple of minutes and went in the house.

Our visit was really short, maybe ten or fifteen minutes, and then we left to go home. On my way back to the car, something in the grass caught my eye.  I walked over to get a better look and upon closer inspection my heart lept to my throat.  It was the body of a cat and it had been skinned. It was just bone and bloody muscle.  I don’t know if it was the same cat I had petted, but it was an awful sight nonetheless.

After the tragedies of the dog and the cat, I began to wonder what on earth was going on in this place.  My brothers and I even explored around and in the woods to try to find something. Aside from a full on Pennywise clown suit nailed to a tree, nothing else was found.  That is, until the day my little brother and I decided to play outside alone one day.

There was a picnic table in my mom’s boyfriend’s back yard.  We would use it a lot when they grilled outside, but today my brother and I decided to lay on it and chill one afternoon.  I laid down beside him and let my mind wander.  After a few minutes, I was pretty bored and looked up to glance out into a huge open field that was surrounded by woods.  I was about to look away when I saw something emerging from the woods to the left.  I thought it was a man at first, but then I studied it more.

This thing walked on two legs in a very stumbling motion, like its legs weren’t the same length.  Its shoulders were lopsided making one side taller than the other.  From what I could tell, the thing was at least seven foot tall. It also looked like it was rotting, as if its skin was falling off and hanging like dirty brown rags.

My heart was going a million miles a minute as I quickly shook my brother and motiones to the field asking “Do you see that?”  He looked up and his eyes widened in shock.  He quickly nodded and replied “uh huh…” trailing off a bit as he took in this monster.

I looked back up and realized in horror that the thing had turnes toward me and my brother and was staring us down. Its eye sockets looked black and hollow. We were frozen in fear until the thing lifted its left arm and reached out for us and suddenly let out this awful noise.  It sounded like a screech mixed with a wail and as soon as it was over, I yelled at my brother to run and we booked it in record time back to the trailer.

We were so terrified. We tried telling my mother and her boyfriend but they didn’t believe us. No one believes two kids, most likely thinking that we had an overactive imagination.  To this day though, about fourteen years later, when I ask my little brother about that incident, he still remembers it all.  We both saw this thing.  And I believe it may have had something to do with those animals being skinned.  I have no clue what it was, but I am glad that we never have to go back to that trailer park and those woods again.

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