UFO Sighting

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Let me just start off by saying that this didn’t happen to me, but it happened to my father. I won’t reveal his name for privacy reasons. My Dad barely remembers this moment since this happened over 2 decades ago. Well, here goes.

It was 1995 and my Dad was out with his friend in the middle of the night. My Dad was around probably 18 or 19 but I don’t remember how old his friend was. So they were driving in the middle of the night on their way home, I think they had gotten done partying. As they were driving down the road, they noticed something in the sky. When my Dad looked towards the sky, he noticed it was red lights. His friend stopped the car and they focused on the lights, when they examined, it looked to be an outline of a circle.

They got out of the car and focused their eyes on the lights, it was a few distances away from them. It didn’t seem to do anything though. My Dad knew it wasn’t any type of radio tower, he turned to look at his friend, but when they looked back at the lights…. they were gone. My Dad and his friends looked at each other for no more than a second, there was no way something like that could disappear that quickly.

My Dad doesn’t believe in those stories of the cryptids like Skinwalkers, Wendigos, Bigfoots, you name it. But this encounter, made my Dad believe that we aren’t alone in this universe, he still believes to this day that most certainly saw a UFO that day.

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