UFO Sighting Part. 1

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Hey guys, I’m back with yet another one of my true creepy stories. I told you I had a lot. Anyways, this event started happening about two weeks ago, right before school let out for Christmas break.

It was about midnight and I was outside with my dog so he could use the bathroom. I was standing on the front deck of my house gazing at the large Catholic church. The church is the largest in the state, so it can be seen all over town, but I just happen to live about two blocks away from it.

As I was watching the church, I noticed a large light directly above one of the steeples. At first I thought it was a star, but then I saw that it was changing colors. It was changing between blue, green, and red. I stood and watched it for a minute or two until my dog came up the steps, wanting to go inside.

After going back to my room, I watched the strange light from my bedroom window for around 10 minutes before I got bored and decided to talk to my friend Jack on the internet. After talking to my friend for about half an hour, I shut down my laptop and looked out the window again. The light was still in the same spot where it had been earlier.

The next morning, I was taking my dog outside at about 6:30 A.M. when I looked up at the church to see if the light was still there. It was gone. I sat there looking around for a few minutes trying to find the light, but it had just vanished. That’s when I started getting suspicious.

Everything seemed normal for about a week, until I once again took my dog outside one night. It was about one in the morning this time since it was a weekend. While standing on my porch, I saw a green light over to the right of the same steeple it was over last time. As I watched, the light began to change to red and blue, just like last time. I ruled out the possibility of an airplane because airplanes don’t hover in place.

After heading to my bedroom again, I watched out the window for another 10 minutes, until the object began to move. It seemed to go up and down and in a sort of figure-eight motion for a few minutes before stopping. I went back to doing whatever it was I was doing and forgot it until later that night.

At about 2:30 A.M. I looked out the window, to find that the object was gone. I went to bed and nothing happened until now, about three days later.

This part happened about half an hour ago. I was standing on the front deck waiting for my dog, when I decided to look for the light again. This time, I saw the same blue, green, and red lights hovering much farther to the right. I was only watching them for a good 30 seconds before they started moving very quickly.

They did figure-eights and went up and down and did many other crazy maneuvers. I was watching it for less than a minute when my dog started scratching the door to be let inside. I took him inside and instantly looked out the window. The object was still there but it was hovering still again and not moving.

So that’s basically my little “UFO sighting”. I will do other parts if anything else happens but for now, that’s all I guess.

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