Two dogwalks from Hell

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My mom and I walk the dogs daily. We live in section 8 housing and one side of our apartment is crime filled. These incidents happened in the same week.
On this one walk, we were on our way to the second building, you know, where much of the crime and gangs are. Walking there, we saw a banged up car. It was a car with two men in it, both of whom I may have been African American. One had an afro, was thin and had a distinct scar across the right side of his face. The other was larger and had a tattoo on the same side of his face. Both men were doing some kind of drug. I saw the dusty stuff and a horrible smell coming from their car. There was also a black shiny thing in their car. Startled, my mom had us turn around and go the back way to the second building. I wish we went back home. On the back way, my mom and I saw a couple walking. The man was screaming on his phone, shouting poison and obscenities. Then a car drove up once the couple went to their apartment and the man was screaming on his phone. We knew it was the same man. He appeared to be reaching in his glove box. Out of the glovebox came a dark shiny thing. It was a gun.
He pointed it at the other man and he replied ‘it’s a toy. But hey, don’t mind my girlfriend or the dog walkers over there.’ We stayed around and soon, the man left. I hate to see what would happen to the man if we had left.

The couple left the next day which is when the second incident takes place. We we’re on our way to the second building when suddenly, we looked on the playground and saw very strange men. They looked like perverts. We went on the opposite side of the road to avoid those three men. We went down and saw a family packing their belonging. Their stuff was on their lawn. They looked like meth heads as their nails and teeth were disgusting. They had the Confederate flag carried around. They appeared to be in the Heltet Skelter crowd. One wearing a mullet gave my mom strange looks and I glared at him back. He retreated to his father and his father had no chin. We gunned it out of that building complex as more arrived. We were by the same playground as before and those three perverts had left. I saw a bunch of man in groups of 5 yell back and forth at each other. They appeared to be Latino. One yelled ‘you got a gun!’ the other man yelled back “I’m gonna bust a cap on you!” We ran home. We couldn’t get home fast enough.
I feel safe at home because of my dog and bodybuilding brother. My message to you, stay safe out there. Crime happens in all neighborhoods both good and bad.

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You just barely missed the pets video! This would’ve made a great addition 🙂