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This happend back in August of 2018 when I was 17 years old . I’m a Male and I used to talk to alot of people on Tumblr which I still do to This day, and I used to live in Toongabbie, New South Wales now on with the story. When I was on Tumblr after posting my pictures and videos on to Tumblr I noticed a notification on my phone which to my suprise that someone new was following me with the username we are one underscore four ever which I found it a bit off, but given to my curiosity I followed the person back. Fast forward a week went by with no anxiety and suddenly I got a notification on my phone from Tumblr saying that we are one underscore four ever has sent you a message which I read saying hey bro what’s up to which I replied with hey who is this ? He said his name was Mitchell and that he was 18 years old which I was lonely at the time so we kept messaging back and forth and exchanged phone numbers without hesitation and went on from there. After school I went to the Library to photocopy the geography answers and I got a message from Mitchell saying I can see you with the picture, as I turned around no one was there being me I went and complety saw nothing huh that’s strange as I left I could feel the urge of being watched being naive of me I brushed off as just cat running around when I got home I got a message from Mitchell saying that I know where you live with the pictures of my house and my response was how on earth did you know where I live ? I was furious at this moment so I blocked Mitchell’s number, his Tumblr and ever social media I have we contacted on and so on. Fast forward about 2:00am which I got a message at 2 in the fucking morning saying that’s nice how you sleeping which he had made another account, we cslled the COPS the next day and I showed the the messages as evidence but nothing has happend since so Mitchell I hope we never meet and I hope it stayes that way.

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