Touched by an angel

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I was attacked by an angel… well maybe not but it was definitely mimicking one… anyway it was during a ritual one afternoon were I was doing work on my chakra’s and I heard the weirdest thing… chimes… and yet there were none around but they were so incredibly clear as if they were just besides my head, so i continue and it happens again and again I look around to see nothing… then I hear a a high pitch squeal quickly racing up to me and my head explodes as if someone had struck a giant gong in my head… it was…disorienting, it was aimed directly at my 6th chakra… the chimes rang again but the second attack was substantially less powerful and felt more like a dull slap rather then an explosion, I still get this dull slaps every now and again, one of the more recent one’s almost ended in a possession, I heard the dull tone strike my aura and my eyes felt heavy, I started to fall into a deep trance rapidly but I pulled myself out of it and forced the entity out.

Since first writing this story awhile ago on my site I have encountered this entity numberous times but most attacks seem to wane in comparison to my workings with gold and ALGIZ.

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Well I can tell you now that most ppl don’t practice anything close to what you do when these attacks occur. Therefore most of us will have no idea how to relate to the initial feeling before the attack happens nor how you could know something is invading your space. However, not having a reason to not believe you, I’m glad you’re strong enough to push out whatever keeps making attempts to take you over.

Next time you write a story could you please proofread it before posting? Your entire story was one long run-on sentence and that makes it very difficult to read. A comma and several periods in a row does not seperate your sentences, it makes things more confusing if anything because we’re reading it as it is written, not as you heard it in your head. It is a rule. Thank you!

I hope whatever is making contact stops and doesn’t end up bothering anyone else.