I Think I Experienced a Matrix Glitch

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This story is very short, and not exactly creepy, but it is weird.

Sometime last year in 2016, I had decided to watch the newer music videos from one of my favorite bands, Black Veil Brides. After watching “Heart Of Fire” and “Goodbye Agony”, I clicked on the thumbnail for the official music video for “Faithless”, excited to watch it because I hadn’t seen it yet.

I vividly remember watching the video at least three times before deciding I had watched enough stuff on Youtube for the day. A few days later, I had the urge to watch it again and looked it up, but ran into a problem.

It was gone.

I asked several other fans what had happened to it, and they all said that the video never existed in the first place, despite the fact I had watched it multiple times from the verified, official Youtube channel for the band’s Vevo. I have no idea what happened, but I’ve started to suspect that I may have experienced a glitch in the Matrix.

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